What They Think of You

From a comment to this Philadelphia Daily News article:

Good Luck Nutter. You can not use reason when you try to reason with those inbred NRA morons. What he should do is arrange for a bus to go to the cow pastures of Central PA and pick up all those NRA nuts and bring them to Philly. Let them try to survive one night on the streets here and see if they still want to block the assault weapon ban.

They would survive.  Not only would they survive if they were relocated, but Philadelphia would very quickly have a lower crime rate, because those people would not tolerate the levels of crime that goes on in these high crime neighborhoods in the city.  If you want to see what happens when you drop a gun nut into the middle of an inner city, take a look at Pro-Gun Progressive.

It’s not the geography that’s the issue.  North Philadelphia is not destined to be a hell hole.  It’s a hell hole because the streets are ruled by thugs.  But getting rid of the thugs is going to entail working with the police, and electing judges willing to put the criminals in jail for a long time.  The rural parts of this state are virtually crime free, but they are like that because the people there would not tolerate the levels of crime in their neighborhoods that people in north Philadelphia tolerate.  I’m reluctant to blame the povery too, because there are parts of this state that are definitely struggling with poverty and lack of opportunity that don’t have a fraction of the crime Philadelphia does.  Philadelphians have spent entirely too long allowing their politicians to feed them excuses for why the crime is so high.  Maybe when they stop buying it, they’ll demand something actually be done about it.

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  1. “What he should do is arrange for a bus to go to the cow pastures of Central PA and pick up all those NRA nuts and bring them to Philly.”

    Although I haven’t hung out in cow pastures since my cow-tipping days, this might be a good idea.

    Armed NRA members marching right down main street.



    Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell made another pitch for gun control legislation outside the state capitol on Monday, during the annual ceremony honoring falling police officers.

    Rendell says the gun that cut down Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski (see related story) was a Chinese assault weapon, and he says that there used to be a ban on importing assault weapons:

    “And yet in 2004, the Congress of the United States — often some of the very same congressmen who would come and attend ceremonies like this — let the assault weapons ban lapse.”


    The governor acknowledged that the gun that killed Liczbinski was brought into the country “well before that action,” but says it’s symptomatic of the refusal of lawmakers to provide “maximum protection” to law enforcement:

  3. Oh my. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. Had the NRA thought of this, and hundreds of people were, say, open carrying around the city, this same commenter would have probably been shrieking hysterically about the big, scary, “interlopers” or some such..

  4. We can only hope his childish desires come to pass… I cannot imagine the impact (hopefully high-velocity, large caliber, at that) such a well-armed presence in downtown Philly would have on the criminal population there. Granted, the noise might be a little annoying, but I think the residents of the area would be willing to trade a restless night for safe ones thereafter.

    That said, I always do love it when hoplophobes expose themselves for the childish twits they are, through no effort of our own… Makes our jobs so much easier.

  5. Look at Sadr City for a situation where the thugs control the streets and now the Iraqi Army and US army are taking them back. There are some very hot firefights as the US Army sets up a wall. When you go to war against thugs that are controlling streets expect casualties both good guys and bad guys. If the good guys has enough fortitude then you can win, BUt be prepared for all the wailing about how some thug was such a good boy or man.

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