How Do You Tell Your City is a Sewer?

The fact that no one in your city got shot over the weekend is a major news item.

D.C. police made more than 400 arrests and violent crime dropped sharply during the latest installment of All Hands on Deck, a program that put about 3,500 officers on the streets last weekend, officials said.

Putting cops on the streets lowers crime?  The devil you say!  Someone better not tell John Street.

“It’s been a while since we had no shootings,” Groomes said, crediting the extra police presence for curtailing the usual weekend gunfire.

Good to see that gun ban working oh so well.

8 thoughts on “How Do You Tell Your City is a Sewer?”

  1. Hmmm, last time I heard about someone getting shot in these parts was about 3 years ago when some burglar tried to climb into the wrong window. A 15 year old boy gut-shot him with a rifle.

    Burglar was arrested at the hospital after his intestines were sewn back together.

    15 year old praised by police.

  2. So did the weather have anything to do with keeping the gang members off the streets? Was is sleeting/snowing/raining all weekend in DC like it was here? Let’s see if a similar effort by police in May or August has the same effect.

  3. There probably were some shootings in DC over the weekend – they just have not found the bodies yet . . .

  4. 3500 extra cops? A tacit admission that “surges” work. Since the “tribes” there aren’t allowed arms, there probably won’t be an “awakening” with local support for the police in evidence.

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