Gun Ban: This Scenario is Entirely Plausible

Over at Reason:

But the cultural onslaught, ably assisted by the stumbling GOP and its internal civil war, had enough impact at the margins to affect elections. Democrats seized the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress and promised major changes to come—including on guns.

Warned by experts that yet another “assault weapons” ban made no sense because “as a matter of functionality, these guns are just like other rifles. They’re more powerful than some handguns and rifles, and less powerful than others,” they decided to go a step further. Encouraged by Supreme Court turnover and the resulting opportunity to redefine the Second Amendment out of existence, Congress banned all semiautomatic firearms in private hands, with compensation promised in return.

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22 thoughts on “Gun Ban: This Scenario is Entirely Plausible”

  1. ACW II: Guerillas in the Midst, could be triggered by Gun Control.

    I want to *think* it’d be pretty low odds, but the Bundy cases were both heartening and frightening.

  2. Elections have consequences. Elect someone so distasteful as President that everyone and every issue associated with him is tainted, and riles up the opposition, and pieces are put in place for a scenario like this to occur.

    And those who think that gun owners will rise up en masse for American Civil War II? Dream on. Most people will quietly comply or keep their mouths shut and eventually deal, while those true believers will be quickly crushed.

    1. That’s why I referred to the Bundy cases – as clear an example of jury nullification due to anger at the government as I think we’ll ever see.

      Note the low compliance rates with confiscatory or pre-confiscatory legislation in NY and CT. People won’t stand up and shout Molone Labe. They just won’t comply. Then you have to go house to house… Every time you go into a house, you risk inflaming public opinion. This is already happening in the Drug War, and the number of publicized incidents is tiny.

      1. Just imagine how tiny the number of publicized incidents will be on gun control, given the media. So we need to establish the mechanism to get the word out. now.

    2. Julian Assange and Wikileaks exposed the media as coconspirators, in hand, with the Democrat Party and Radical Left.

      Even if Trump was as “clean” as an Angel itself, we would still be seeing the same level of psychotic rage from the Left.

      Remember, that Hillary Clinton was SUPPOSED TO WIN. She was the final nail in the coffin for America. But ONE THING IS FOR SURE;

      To many of us on the Right, including on the gun-issue, make THE EXACT…SAME….MISTAKE…after every election that we win……We sit around with our thumbs up our rear ends thinking everything is gonna be ok, while the political Left, marches on after every election cycle that occurs every 2 years, going farther and farther left, becoming more enraged, and continue to campaign 24/7, 365, non-stop.

      If the Democrat Party wins in 2018, America is indeed FINISHED; 2nd Amendment and ALL. The Demographics of America have been being FORCEFULLY changed since 1965, for the purpose of moving the Country LEFT.

  3. The scenario is Alcohol Prohibition and the War on Drugs ALL OVER AGAIN!

    There are some defeatists who will say; “People will roll over and turn in their guns”.

    Some will, but in reality, just as Alcohol Prohibition and the War on Drugs, the gun-ban scenario will breed a new sect of society that enters the world of violent, ORGANIZED CRIME.

  4. With all the police corruption (see: Baltimore) and FBI incompetence, we should definitely give government employee unions with police power more firepower than regular citizens.


  5. Compliance will surely be low, but I think there will be blood. Plenty of people have been (unwisely) itching for a confrontation. This will be their excuse.

    1. I don’t think Lon Horiuchi II gets away unindicted this time, even if it is a publicity stunt indictment.

    2. Could be.

      I believe Timothy McVeigh was itching to use that big bomb he had been fantasizing about for years. And the combination of Waco, the AW ban, and Schumer’s introduction of Brady Bill II, “…this is the rest of the camel!”, was all the excuse McVeigh needed.

  6. I think the balloon would go up at Step #1 of that scenario in the article. You wouldn’t get past the banning of all semi autos before full scale insurrection would start.

  7. “Imagining Gun Control in America: Understanding the Remainder Problem”
    -Nicholas J. Johnson, Fordham University School of Law

    Read that paper and you’ll understand why this would be problematic at best. Also, given that you can easily make receivers and frames now, either through inexpensive CNC machines or even through molding of plastic (see, it’s pointless. And would probably lead to far more people making machine guns. After all, it’s no more difficult to make a full-auto gun than a semi-auto, and in some cases actually easier, and if you’re going to go away for 10 years if you get caught with it, why not just go all the way?

    1. Is now the time to update and improve the Luty SMG design? Then dump the file on the net?

  8. The real problem that those 435 people and their bureaucracies in DC would face is that there aren’t enough leo’s in the country to protect them all. I give you Mike Vanderburgh’s old meme – “One Hundred Heads”…
    And as somebody else pointed out, anyone who thinks they can shear a wolf like a lamb is liable to get bit.

  9. “A line appears to have been crossed in the minds of many Americans, and what were opponents are now enemies.”

    When we first moved to TX my wife had yankee plates on the car. All four tires got slashed within a week. At the time it was outrageous but with perspective I now understand.

    Today if I see a stranded motorist I check their plates. If they’re from a Ban State — sorry, sucker, I’m not stopping to help nor am I placing a phone call on your behalf to the non-emergency highway line when I get somewhere with cell service. Even in the middle of nowhere in the remote rural west. If they’re a liberal, the policies they support lead to me being put in a cage (look at the prison sentences associated with non-violent gun crimes in these states if you don’t believe me — they aren’t slap on the wrist traffic fines). If they’re pro-gun, then their taxes feed a state machine that hates me and their presence gives the pro-ban side more electoral votes and national clout. They can help themselves.

    The underlying theme of all this is that it isn’t the politicians that are the problem. The root cause of the problem are the large numbers of voters that support the Dianne Feinsteins, Chuck Schumers, and other such politicians. Given that the pro-freedom side has just about zero penetration into the educational establishment (or any other meaningful large scale social institution that can shape public opinion — those institutions that remain, that is) the available remedies to address this root cause problem are pretty vanishing. Which leaves some degree of withdrawal/self sorting as the most peaceful answer in a federal republic, unless the feds assume their rightful post 1868 role in assuring the civil rights of all citizens in the US (not holding my breath).

    So long as the “moving box” (ballot box, jury box, moving box…) remains a viable alternative to folks in Ban States there will be a release valve on the pressure cooker. People in NY, etc are generally quietly non-complying, waiting it out until they can retire/move, and then getting a UHaul to a free state. If there’s major federal action that closes off that release valve then things get more unpredictable.

    To stave off this balkanization, the pro-freedom side needs to make penetration into public schools a #1 priority. There is simply no remaining institution in the fragmented US that provides the ability to shape mass public opinion and experience. Bringing back air rifle target shooting to high schools would be a massive cultural win 10 years from now. I really see few other realistic paths forward on the cultural front to create some degree of tolerance and understanding in future voters.

  10. “I think we have to cleanse our culture of this false idea that guns are cool,” gun opponents wrote. “Guns are not cool. Cool kids don’t use guns.” Others agreed, and they all pointed to an earlier example of demonizing a previously popular product. “Guns should be the new cigarettes,” they insisted.”

    This will never work. Cigarettes have indisputable health effects when used as directed. Cool kids can see that Uncle Joe has to carry around the O2 tank and suck on gas just to walk 1 block if he smoked for 30+ years.

    Didn’t the other side try this with “The Ayoobs train assassins!!!”
    years ago? That went nowhere because no matter how many spies they sent to these classes it was for naught.

    Guns are safe and fun when used as directed. And will be ’till the end of time.

  11. Looks like they’ve decided to go for the sizzle rather than the steak – they want a semi-auto rifle ban.

    Why do they think they’ll get that at the national level, when they couldn’t get it at the height of their powers in 1994?

    1. Why? Because the Left has deluded themselves that they are at the cusp of unending unstoppable power.

      This delusion is crafted from two primary influences: the book “The Emerging Democratic Majority”, and the recent national flip on gay marriage rights.

      Aside from the tobacco nonsense, the Left likes to compare gun-control to gay-marriage, and thinks the U.S. is likewise at a “tipping point” that will upend the national stalemate in their favor.

      1. Thing is, gay marriage is not a “flip flop”. There is massive civil disobedience to state enforced so-called “marriage equality” at the barrel of a gun as there should be, and the same would happen with gun rights should they bet the farm.

      2. I see the “tipping point”/”turning point” all the time. It really seems like its confirmation bias though- they get their feels though Twitter.

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