“There needs to be common sense restrictions”

… on firearms, says Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco.  After he lost in court over his first set of common sense restrictions, total gun prohibition on the sale of guns in the city, and a total prohibition entirely of handguns, he’s at it again:

Mayor Gavin Newsom quietly introduced a package of gun control measures on Tuesday that would make it illegal to possess guns on city-owned property and require residents to store handguns in locked containers.

But, even some of the legislation’s co-sponsors conceded the proposals will have little effect on the proliferation of illegal guns on San Francisco streets.

When even the supports admit it won’t really do anything, why pass it?  Can someone explain to me how I’m suppose to have  reasonable dialog with someone who has this kind of mentality?

One thought on ““There needs to be common sense restrictions””

  1. Short version – You can’t. They’ve made up their minds, and any argument used against them is dismissed as ‘ravings of a nutter’. Facts don’t matter, ‘ell reality doesn’t really matter to ’em.

    Think I’m going to go watch ‘Demolition Man’ again to gain some perspective and have a good laugh.

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