Act 1 Rejected Across State

Pennsylvanians have overwhelmingly said no to Act 1, the latest property tax reduction scam scheme to come out of Harrisburg. My school district, Neshaminy, rejected it more than 2 to 1. In a demonstration of why your vote really does count, Bristol passed the Act 1 measure by ONE vote.  One commenter on a local paper states:

The message we are sending to Harrisburg is that we don’t trust you. We were supposed to get real estate tax relief from the slots pallors. Now you way we will give you that relief if we ok a new tax. No thanks boys and girls your word is no longer any good with us.


3 thoughts on “Act 1 Rejected Across State”

  1. Sebastian, here is what you don’t understand about revenue under the control of the state and the services it is supposed to fund.

    When a service is needed or needs to be expanded or a new program of whatever type is deemed desirable the state turns to the taxpayer and they say “If you want this you will have to pay for it.”

    When questioned about the use of the money they have been collecting forever, their stance is that that is their money and they won’t finance your projects. “If you want it, you will have to pay for it.” Then taxes rise. The public still doesn’t get that for which they contracted.

    The reason is really simple, once the state gets the money, it becomes theirs to dispose of as they see fit. If the public still insists on the projects for which they paid, they are told, “If you want it, you will have to pay for it.” If the taxpayer gives them the new money, it also becomes theirs to dispose of as they see fit and on and on it goes.

    If the state wants more money and it requires a vote of the people to supply the funds, what is the first thing they do?


    Well, I’ll tell you. The first thing they do is threaten your children, and the elderly. The elderly being the secondary threat.

    You never hear them say they will have to get by with last year’s Gulfstream. Or not buy new limousines, or forego fact finding missions to Betty Jo’s whorehouse and massage parlor.

    I know. Right now you think I have completely lost any touch with reality. I say that I am one of the few that recognizes reality.

    Consider this. When the state wants more funding, isn’t the first thing they do is to start talking about closing schools, laying off teachers, curtailing health care for children of poorer families, reducing programs for the elderly etc.? Uh huh, it is. Everytime.

    Watch and see if that isn’t the first threat they pull out of their coercion bag of tricks.

    They don’t need your trust, all they need is your love for your children and elderly.

  2. You don’t need to believe me. Just watch now that their second scam was rejected. They didn’t deliver on the first successful scam, got rejected on the second one (Act 1), now watch what happens. It will be as I said above.

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