Brady MySpace Blog Altered

Interesting. The MySpace page seems to have been altered, with different content being substituted streamed right from the Bradys:

Which means, that both the MySpace page is pulling content from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership’s main page, and the Brady Bunch is letting them (note the xshare/myspace/ subdirectory)

Possibilities are that the Brady Campaign managed to get MySpace to turn the blog over to them, which is Standard Mischeif’s theory (I agree), and they removed the content, or they convinced the person running it to remove the stuff, and accept their stream. Or they really did run the site and were a bit paniced when we caught them ;)

I think the Bradys were telling the truth about the blog not being associated with them, and got the blog turned over. It was using their trademarks, so they do have a legal leg to stand on if they demanded that.

4 thoughts on “Brady MySpace Blog Altered”

  1. The full story behind the Brady Campaign Myspace

    Long distance murder rifles? Ban .22s and shotguns for the children?

    That was me.

    I settled on this board by the complicated algorithm of flipping some coins. Now that the Brady Campaign has gotten myspace to return the /bradycampaign blog to their ownership, there’s no reason for me to not come out with what I have to say, and I have a lot to say.

    For example, the amount of messages and comments I got stunned me. Thousands apon thousands. The blog itself was getting 10,000+ views every day. (I regret not screenshotting this)

    I want to make some comments about how we have to accomplish standing together, “fudds” and EBR owners, as long as you guys want to hear me out. Oh, I’d have gone to since they had 5+ threads about it, but the registration never emailed me. So you guys are stuck with me.

    ETA: I don’t write for The Onion. Yet.

  2. Sorry… a bit of a misunderstanding here.

    I’m not the Brady Blogger (however, I can back-up his authenticity).

    I happened to be listening to Cam and Company a few nights ago. Your blog was mentioned and that you were in the process of verifying if the comments/opinions were genuinely from the Brady Campaign or not.

    Go to the link on…

    Pretty interesting read.

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