Speaking with The Enemy

I’ve decided to e-mail the Brady Campaign and get the real story on the MySpace profile. Go take a look, because there’s a lot of choice stuff being said there, that if actually coming from someone associated with them, is definitely quite revealing as to how far they are willing to take it.

Despite the fact that I despise the Brady Campaign, we’d all be pissed off if someone in our community was printing outrageous stuff masquerading as an NRA spokesperson, so I think in the interest of fairness, we should try to find out the truth behind this MySpace user. I know these folks aren’t always fair with us, but I think if we need to consistently take the high road. It helps build our credibility as a community.

So when the Brady’s respond, I’ll post it. If they don’t, I’m going to take that as a statement that they don’t really wish to distance themselves from these statements, in which case we can all feel free to quote away. They claim they will respond within 72 hours. The clock ticks ;)

UPDATE: The Bradys have responded. They are not associated with the MySpace Blog.