A Very Brady Reply: MySpace Blog Bogus

From the comments:

I can confirm that these statements were made by an impostor. I’m a spokesman for the Brady Campaign, and I know that none of us were involved in those postings. That’s not our statement, and it’s not our position.

So it would appear whoever is hosting that MySpace Blog is not actually speaking for the Bradys in an official capacity. The IP he’s coming from does check out as being from the Brady Campaign, so this is for real.

8 thoughts on “A Very Brady Reply: MySpace Blog Bogus”

  1. They have such crazy visions of microstamping and all that, perhaps they are as easily mislead about IP addresses and other teh-really-really complicated ‘puter stuffs.

  2. It’s possible to spoof IPs, but not very likely. I doubt the Bradys are honestly that sophisticated tech wise that they would know how to pull it off :)

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  4. So, is it a rouge Brady operative posting intensly crazy-Brady crap because they’re insane and believe it, or in an effort to double-crazy-up the Brady-name?

  5. That’s a good question DirtCrashr. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the answer of who was behind the MySpace blog. My guess is someone who just intensely believe in gun control and didn’t understand the huge favor they were doing for us pro-gun folks, in trying to make hunters realize that they were targets :)

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