Panic Buying

Some of the google search words coming in are interesting. One thing GoStats does that Sitemeter doesn’t is keep a record of which phrases bring people in on an ongoing basis. One of my top searches is:

“panic gun buying because of democratic congress”

I have some suggestions if that’s what you’re coming around looking for:

Springfield M1A – Not a great panic buy, because it’s never had a pistol group, but still is named in most bans. I don’t have one, but should.

Barrett M82A1 – This rifle makes the anti-gunners weep, and they definitely want to ban it. If you can afford over 10 grand for one of these babies with some decent optics attached, go for it. I want one of these, but I also need a house.

FN Five-seven – Good for people who like pistols that might be banned.

SIG 556 – Like a Swiss watch, that goes bang. Extra scary looking to Congressional Democrats.

Arsenal SLR-108 Kalashnikov – Great panic buy! Nothing pisses of anti-gun folks quite like the idea of someone being able to buy and shoot an AK. Arsenal AKs are pretty decent. I have one myself. I recommend.

FN PS90 – Personal Defense Weapon. Fires the same round as the FN Five-seven. Hasn’t been in production long. Definitely scary looking. Good post-ban value if you ever have to sell it. SBR version available if you want to do the NFA thing. (I would, the 16″ version is fugly)

Robinson Arms XCR – Choose form three calibers. Easy switching of calibers. Extra scary looking to gun banners. Adjustable gas system. May be my panic purchase :)

So there you have it panic buyers! Nothing pissess off Carolyn McCarthy more than stocking up on your favorite black rifle, so spend away.