Mystery MySpace Blogger Surfaced

From the comments:


Long distance murder rifles? Ban .22s and shotguns for the children?

That was me.

I settled on this board by the complicated algorithm of flipping some coins. Now that the Brady Campaign has gotten myspace to return the /bradycampaign blog to their ownership, there’s no reason for me to not come out with what I have to say, and I have a lot to say.

For example, the amount of messages and comments I got stunned me. Thousands apon thousands. The blog itself was getting 10,000+ views every day. (I regret not screenshotting this)

I want to make some comments about how we have to accomplish standing together, “fudds” and EBR owners, as long as you guys want to hear me out. Oh, I’d have gone to since they had 5+ threads about it, but the registration never emailed me. So you guys are stuck with me.

So it would seem Kevin Baker was right all along. It was one of our own. Now I feel kind of bad for screwing up his scheme :)

UPDATE: I didn’t realize my commenter was not the actual MySpace dude. He was quoting a post you can read over here. For future reference, you can quote sections using the <blockquote></blockquote> in the comment area, if you want to make a quote of something else.

5 thoughts on “Mystery MySpace Blogger Surfaced”

  1. I don’t. We don’t need that kind of help. It tends to backfire. I’m sure he had fun, and I’m sure it drew a lot of attention, but to what end?

  2. You make a good point, Kevin. I’ve always enjoyed satire, but given that this wasn’t really obvious enough, I’m not going to lose any sleep over exposing the truth on the issue.

  3. So far as we’ve been able to determine, the Brady Myspace page was taken over by a guy who’s been booted off of The High Road numerous times for trolling and general trouble-making.

    He’s no friend of the RKBA.

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