My Letter to Remington

I’m a firm believer when a company goes to bat for you, it’s nice to say thank you.  I sent this to Remington a few minutes ago:

Dear Remington,

I want to thank you for your support in the recent controversy over Jim Zumbo’s unfortunate comments that were derogatory the AR-15 shooting community.  While I hope we can find some way to heal the wounds between our community and Mr. Zumbo, I was glad to see Remington so quickly distance itself from his statements.

I often buy Remington ammunition for my AR-15, and will be sure to continue doing so, and will encourage others to do so as well.

Thanks Again,


I think it’s especially important since so many of us jumped the gun and went after Remington over the whole Zumbo thing when they were merely mentioned incidentally.  Sometime soon, I’m going to head up to Cabela’s and buy some Remington .223.  Everyone else should be nice and pick up some too as a thank you to a company who’s willing to stand with us on taking the second amendment seriously.

One thought on “My Letter to Remington”

  1. My email to them immediately upon reading their response to Zumbo’s statements.

    Due to your response to Zumbo and the prompt manner in which you stated a strongly and rightly held position, I have posted this on War on Guns, David Codrea’s blogsite.

    I have purchased Remington products, but not in any manner due to a real preference, usually as a convenience. However, they have achieved MFC* with me.

    I hope the other sponsors do the same.

    *MFC= most favored corporation trading status.

    Your corporation and its products will henceforth receive preferential treatment from me.


    Mr. Millner’s response was elegant in its brevity. “Thank you.”

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