Photoblog – Arctic Weekend

Some photos of this weekend’s insane camping out in the cold and snow. We were on top of a mountain, about 2300 feet (which is high for Pennsylvania), so temperatures were close to 0 degrees F. I went with another blogger, who some of you might know, and met one of my coworkers and her husband up there. A few camping and shooting pictures here:
My coworker’s tent I nicknamed the Taj Mahal, because of its luxurious nature. The stove keeps it reasonably warm in side.
My coworker’s husband Steve packing the gear up at the end of the weekend. I owe him a Klondike Bar. I brought up a pack of them, buried them in the snow, then ended up skewering one of them with a bayonet as I poked around for them.
The best way to roast marshmallows is with a Mosin-Nagant bayonet. Nothing like mashmallows eaten with a hint of cosmoline and hoppes no 9. Mmmm.

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Your host enjoying the last of his non-corrosive 5.45x39mm ammo fired out of the AK74. I have a whole crate that’s corrosive stuff, but, unlike with a surplus bolt action, you have to clean out the entire gas system, the flash hider, bolt and bolt carrier in addition to cleaning the barrel out. I had no idea they made 5.45x39mm with corrosive primers, and found out the hard way. I don’t win any fashion awards, clearly, but when in cold weather, if you’re going to shoot a commie gun, in a pinko caliber, you should wear a red army hat.

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My AR-15 being shot by the mystery blogger. Maybe you can guess who this is?
I decided to take the Mosin-Nagant out into the cold so it could feel at home. Our mystery blogger had a lot of fun shooting it, despite the fact that the rifle brutalizes the shooter, much like the system that produced it. I’ve though about calling that soreness you feel the next morning after shooting that rifle “Stalin’s Revenge”.

Despite the casualty of a Klondike Bar, fun was had by all. Did a bit of hiking, including out onto the frozen lake, and a bit of dead reckoning through snow covered woods. Too much to drink Saturday night, combined with single digit temperatures makes for an interesting morning experience. Had to wait until the afternoon for the hangover to go away before heading out to the range. Both myself and the mystery blogger feel that arctic survival is a lot of fun, and would like to try it again sometime, perhaps for a more protracted amount of time. A bit of advise, though, about cold weather: water freezes. It’s a good idea to sleep with your drinking water, or when you get up in the morning thirsty, you’ll be screwed like I was. Fortunatly, the Taj Mahal had drinking water inside that wasn’t frozen, but I had to walk all the way over there with a dreadful hangover. Not fun! Because I was paranoid about carbon monoxide poisoning, I opted not to stay in the heated tent with my coworkers. Another bit of advise: 0 degree sleeping bags will keep you alive at 0 degrees, but they won’t keep you warm. It makes me want to try Alaska though sometime.

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  1. Definitely fun, and I will be sure to let you know! You win a Klondike Bar with a bayonet hole through it for correctly guessing it is a Bitch Girl :) But which one?

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