How to Attract Commenters

I have some advise on how to attract commenters to your blog:

1. Don’t use Blogger
2. See rule number one.

Seriously, I hate blogger’s comment stuff.  WordPress remembers all your critical info.  Blogger integrates with gmail, which I find annoying, because it always wants me to post with my blogger profile.   I have to manually select “Other” and fill in my blogger creds, then pass the word verification, which I get wrong half the time somehow.  That’s not even mentioning comments are a whole separate page.  There have been more than a few times I’ve gone to comment on a blogspot blog and thought “nah, it’s not worth the trouble.”

6 thoughts on “How to Attract Commenters”

  1. Really, WordPress. Gotta take a look into it them. Maybe it resolve one of my concerns, which is a lack of comments posted on my blog.

  2. I don’t know why, but EVERY time I comment on a Blogger blog, my first attempt at typing the CAPTCHA gets kicked back.

  3. Used to be that you entered a username to login to blogger, but now its your email address. I really hated that switch and now resist logging in whenever possible.

  4. I’ve used HaloScan since shortly after I started my Blogger blog. I too hate Blogger’s comment function (and their photo server, which is why I use Photobucket for that.) HaloScan allow anonymous commenting, and email is optional too.

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