Get Ready

The Brady’s and their ilk are sure to jump on this tragedy before the bodies are even cold.  The press will want to play this up for the new Congress as well.

This highlights the importance of being armed where you’re legally able to be.  Details aren’t coming out yet, but it looks like an armed off-duty police officer may have saved a lot of lives.

One thought on “Get Ready”

  1. Made this comment about that at War on Guns, seems appropriate here, too.

    I would bet the mall had signs up preventing concealed carry.

    Now, do the families of the dead and wounded get to sue the mall for supplying such a target rich environment?

    Will mention be made of the fact that this murderous kid could not legally have a CCW,thereby once again, proving that the criminal doesn’t care about the law. And that those who do must hide or die? Will mention be made that should there have been unfettered access to the mall by legally armed citizens the killer most probably would not have killed and injured nearly so many people waiting on the police to arrive?

    This next statement is only half sarcastic. Do we know for sure he wasn’t egged on by anti-gunners who needed a deranged shooter to further their agenda? Seems awful damned convenient, again, doesn’t it?

    There always seems to be a convenient atrocity when the anti-gunners start losing ground. We can go months without one, then make 100% correct predictions regarding the occurrence of one or more when Brady and their bunch are on the wane.

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