Memorial Day Weekend Blogger Shoot

The folks at Lucky Gunner are sponsoring a Memorial Day blogger shoot, and it looks like a pretty good time. How could you not love this:

You will get to shoot free ammo through a bunch of cool, Class III (including full-auto) weapons (and your own weapons as well).

You don’t have to ask me twice. I may not have a job in May, but I’ll be going even if I have to beg for gas money. That’s not all they are planning though. So if you’re a blogger, I would consider pre-registering. It looks like a good time.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Blogger Shoot”

  1. I wish I posted more than once every couple of months on my blog. I’d love that.

  2. Thanks for the tip! We were planning to vacation in TN next weekend, but we just canceled that trip to attend the blogger shoot. See you in April!

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