Anyone Know What This Is?

Michael Yon needs some help identifying what looks like some type of rocket launcher or recoilless rifle:

I’m pretty familiar with the world’s weapons sytems, but I have no idea. I’m prepared to say it’s a hack job.  I don’t think the Chinese or the Russians produce anything that looks like this.

h/t: Instapundit

3 Responses to “Anyone Know What This Is?”

  1. Alcibiades says:

    Offhand, I’d just guess it’s an Iranian modification of some Russian design. Iran will of course claim that their “glorious superior engineers” created it, but it’s always the Russians. Previously, Iran claimed to have invented some torpedo that the Russians had already developed.

    I’d be more concerned with German and French weapons ending up in their hands.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I think there’s a strong likelihood it’s Iranian in origin. But they usually base their designs on someone else’s, and I’m not even sure what this is based on. Iran has a habit of stealing other designs and passing them of as their own. The KH2002, which they said was an original design, is really just an M16 cut up to look like a Norinco QBZ-95, which is itself ripped off from the French FAMAS

  3. mattwb says:

    It’s a mock-up/fake.
    Probably thrown together for a crap low-budget movie.
    Look at the bore width…must be almost 110mm like a mortar barrel.
    Also consider the weapon shown below, the RPG-7. Picture in your mind the length of tube that projects rearward over the shooter’s shoulder. Now look at the green monstrosity and picture the same shooter and where his body would be if really operating this….