Lies and Cash: MAIG’s Strategy, According Former Member

We’ve heard the stories before about how MAIG fudges on telling prospective mayors about their real agenda when they sign up. But one New York mayor says that not only did they not even mention gun policy when they signed him up via petition for safe communities, but they did not seek permission to use … Continue reading “Lies and Cash: MAIG’s Strategy, According Former Member”

Another Misbehaving Mayor in MAIG

He hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime at this point, but San Diego Mayor Bob Filner admits that he has been sexually harassing female employees who work under him and then trying to intimidate them. He claims that his continued sexual harassment and intimidation efforts against his victims can be cured with a … Continue reading “Another Misbehaving Mayor in MAIG”

Another Public Employee Funded by MAIG

Open records requests on government actions are very handy when uncovering the network of anti-gun funding going to pay city employees to do research and take action on behalf of Mike Bloomberg’s pet projects. One such worker has recently been uncovered in Milwaukee, and the records show the money coming from Joyce and actually being … Continue reading “Another Public Employee Funded by MAIG”

More Discoveries of NYC Taxpayer Money Propping up MAIG

Over at Jammie Wearing Fools. Apparently Bloomberg sent a lobbyist who is on the city payroll to Nevada to push for gun control there. A city lobbyist noted: “With Bloomberg, one of his strengths is that, because money is no object, he could just go rent office space,” a city lobbyist said.“It seems like they’re … Continue reading “More Discoveries of NYC Taxpayer Money Propping up MAIG”

It Just Gets Worse for MAIG

The general right-of-center media has had a field day with Mike Bloomberg’s missteps with his MAIG bus tour. It seems like there are stories about it every single day since his people read off the Boston bomber as a gun violence victim whose life they want to protect. Now the Washington Examiner is looking over … Continue reading “It Just Gets Worse for MAIG”