Leadership Changes at MAIG/MDA/Everytown

Mark Glaze is announcing that he’s stepping down in June: The executive director of the gun control group founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which has emerged as a leading counterweight to the National Rifle Association, said on Wednesday he would step down from the organization in June. Mark Glaze actually works for … Continue reading “Leadership Changes at MAIG/MDA/Everytown”

Colin Goddard on the MAIG Wagon?

There was some discussion on Facebook among gun blogger folks about this article, which shows that Colin Goddard has made the leap to the MAIG train: He’s transformed the traumatic experience into a drive to action. He is now a senior policy advocate for Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), a national, bipartisan coalition of mayors, … Continue reading “Colin Goddard on the MAIG Wagon?”

Media MAIG Mayor Politicizes Town Finances

Thanks to a reader for sending me this article on Media, PA mayor Bob McMahon, who pushed to have the town divest in the gun business: Mayor Bob McMahon, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and a Vietnam veteran, said he’d had “a lot of involvement” with assault weapons. He said he saw no … Continue reading “Media MAIG Mayor Politicizes Town Finances”

Skimming the MAIG E-Mails

You can see the full list of e-mails obtained by Judicial Watch between MAIG leadership. Bitter linked to earlier today. It’s rather long, but 90% of it is uninteresting. But it does offer a view into the world of our opponents in the first few weeks after Sandy Hook. Some takeaways, some of which are different … Continue reading “Skimming the MAIG E-Mails”

MAIG Mayor Purposefully Puts the Poor in Danger

Imagine a situation where an armed robber breaks into your home, but maybe you do or don’t have a means to defend yourself. What you do have is a phone with access to 911, and let us pretend for a moment that the local cops can get there in time to save you. What would … Continue reading “MAIG Mayor Purposefully Puts the Poor in Danger”

MAIG Pulls Gov’t Workers to the Private Sector

Now this is really funny. When a gun owner in the Sunshine State started using sunshine laws to get ahold of the communications between a public worker whose main job was actually to work for MAIG, Bloomberg pulled her into the private sector to work for him directly so those pesky taxpayers can’t see how … Continue reading “MAIG Pulls Gov’t Workers to the Private Sector”

Latest MAIG Mayor in Trouble

I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard about the video of the Monticello, NY Mayors Against Illegal Guns member who was arrested recently, well, you should go check out some of the video at Miguel’s blog. However, for those of you who don’t have the time to run … Continue reading “Latest MAIG Mayor in Trouble”

Another MAIG Mayor in Trouble – Again

Mike Bloomberg knows how to find the very best representatives to help him in his effort to promote gun control for the little people. Men like Monticello, NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins support his efforts, and Bloomberg proudly boasts of their support. Let’s look at the man who wants to help Bloomberg take the most popular … Continue reading “Another MAIG Mayor in Trouble – Again”

Colorado’s MAIG Leader to Run for Senate Seat

In the district where voters just sent Sen. John Morse home for not only pulling gun control to the floor, but also complaining to the media that having his constituents call his office was toxic to the process of shoving legislation down their throats, the Democrats have a new candidate who, it would appear, may … Continue reading “Colorado’s MAIG Leader to Run for Senate Seat”

Senator Says MAIG Should “Fold It Up”

I didn’t realize that one of last night’s losing lawmakers in Colorado actually argued that losing even one seat was sign enough that Mayors Against Illegal Guns should just wrap it up and go out of business. Alas, she did. If you live in area with a tempting target for Mike Bloomberg, then this is … Continue reading “Senator Says MAIG Should “Fold It Up””