More Discoveries of NYC Taxpayer Money Propping up MAIG

Over at Jammie Wearing Fools. Apparently Bloomberg sent a lobbyist who is on the city payroll to Nevada to push for gun control there. A city lobbyist noted:

“With Bloomberg, one of his strengths is that, because money is no object, he could just go rent office space,” a city lobbyist said.“It seems like they’re being sloppy.”

It almost makes you question how much faith Bloomberg has in his own BS, that he feels the need to spend taxpayer dollars on this pet project rather than his own dollars, which as noted are substantial.

h/t Instapundit for the article

3 Responses to “More Discoveries of NYC Taxpayer Money Propping up MAIG”

  1. Jacob says:

    He’ll make the argument that since lax gun laws in other states allow the flow of illegal guns into the City, it is legitimate for him to lobby in NV.

  2. Again, it does not matter.

    A majority of residents of NYC support this activity. They want us in prison or in a ditch. A previous poster contested this, but really, I’d like to see ANYONE here carry an un-SAFE “assault weapon” (maybe a 10/22 with a thumbhole stock and threaded barrel or something), or a CCW into NYC and then do a private transfer like we can do in America. The jury absolutely WILL convict.

    The IRS will not investigate him because he is pushing the President’s agenda. Eric Holder’s DOJ pursuing it? HAH! What a joke! So what other federal agency do we think will look into it?

    We keep thinking rule of law is a factor, and honestly, in many of these fights, it is not. Our political opponents don’t give a shit about the rule of law, that’s for sure.