Colorado’s MAIG Leader to Run for Senate Seat

In the district where voters just sent Sen. John Morse home for not only pulling gun control to the floor, but also complaining to the media that having his constituents call his office was toxic to the process of shoving legislation down their throats, the Democrats have a new candidate who, it would appear, may have similar views on how to treat those with whom he disagrees. Oh, and it is a man who was once employed by Bloomberg to push gun control – the other big argument against Morse’s continued tenure.

As the former head of MAIG in Colorado, a candidate for Sen. Morse’s old seat seemingly developed his views on religion and Hell around how he defines your political opposition to him. Based on a quote from an email that he admits to writing in the featured interview at the link, he declared that people who support private/charter schools or vouchers have “a special place in Hell…they deserve it.”

I wonder what level of Hell he believes is reserved for gun owners?

3 thoughts on “Colorado’s MAIG Leader to Run for Senate Seat”

  1. Good — the more pious true believers on the other side, the better for us on election day…

    1. That’s true. I almost didn’t post about it because after I read the link a reader sent, I thought, “Hey, why stop the opponent when he’s making a mistake?”

      But, by the same token, I think it’s important to spread the message that this is what MAIG’s staff think of their opponents. It’s not about a reasoned debate, this Colorado staffer believes that those who don’t agree with him on at least one issue are going to Hell. That’s relevant context to how he’ll treat voters, and how gun owners can expect to be treated by Colorado MAIG representatives based on this history.

  2. I suspect he would put us in a special bay in the river of blood in the outer ring of the Seventh Circle with those who were violent. Perhaps he would find a place in Bolgia 5 of the Eighth Circle with the other crooked politicians.

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