Another MAIG Mayor in Trouble – Again

Mike Bloomberg knows how to find the very best representatives to help him in his effort to promote gun control for the little people. Men like Monticello, NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins support his efforts, and Bloomberg proudly boasts of their support.

Let’s look at the man who wants to help Bloomberg take the most popular firearms today off the market through gun bans:

In 2011, according to news accounts, Jenkins admitted to “selling knockoff Nike sneakers and bogus DVDs” out of his store. He was convicted and paid a fine.

In 2012, Jenkins was arrested for hitting and injuring a local police officer in an altercation outside of his beauty supply store. That case against him is actually coming up next month in court.

This weekend, Jenkins was arrested for drunk driving, refusing to take the sobriety test, then resisting arrest, and punching police department property once they finally got him down to the station.

This mayor who, based on his arrest record, seemingly likes to punch law enforcement-related things – officers and property – is the kind of guy that Bloomberg is proud to promote as his ally today. (h/t to NYSRPA)

5 thoughts on “Another MAIG Mayor in Trouble – Again”

  1. No wonder Jenkins and his ilk are against 2A. Given their records, they probably are not allowed to own guns of their own.

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