MAIG Pulls Gov’t Workers to the Private Sector

Now this is really funny. When a gun owner in the Sunshine State started using sunshine laws to get ahold of the communications between a public worker whose main job was actually to work for MAIG, Bloomberg pulled her into the private sector to work for him directly so those pesky taxpayers can’t see how he’s trying to force their government to do his bidding.

It seems that Florida’s public records laws were a little too much for NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun Mayors Against ilLEGAL Guns to bear. At the end of her one year contract, the former Orlando city employee who actually worked for MAIG became a direct employee of MAIG.

Go check out All Nine Yards for more on the latest round of emails they turned up from the tax-funded Bloomberg employee. He seems to enjoy their hypocrisy on the amazing benefit of federal regulation when it comes to gun control, but their horror at the idea of federal interference when it comes to protecting Second Amendment rights.

4 thoughts on “MAIG Pulls Gov’t Workers to the Private Sector”

  1. Perhaps this is a somewhat offbeat manifestation of the “privatization” that is masking our march toward corporatism, as the lines between private Industry and State become increasingly blurred.

  2. Or perhaps its as simple as the ongoing lack of moral character shown by our politicians as they use their staff for their pet projects, including running for re-election here in PA!

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