Trial for Gerald Ung Begins

You might remember the shooting that was caught on a Fox News studio surveillance camera a year or so ago. Quite a number of people thought this looked like a legitimate case of self-defense. Gerald Ung’s trial for attempted murder is now underway. Assistant District Attorney Jan McDermott told the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court trial … Continue reading “Trial for Gerald Ung Begins”

Ung’s Friends Testify

It is unfortunate, or perhaps fortunate, that the media has lost interest in reporting this case, but is still on it. We now have testimony from Ung’s friends, who were with him that day: “My attention was on Eddie,” Afsarmanesctehrar testified. “It was going fast and out of control. I had a feeling he … Continue reading “Ung’s Friends Testify”

Self-Defense Case in Maryland

This is many gun control advocates ideal law of self-defense. A man shoots another man who allegedly broke down his door, faces 2nd degree murder charges: The state has charged Matthew Pinkerton with 2nd Degree Murder. Their sole basis for this charge is that he should have called 911. Here’s the original news article that … Continue reading “Self-Defense Case in Maryland”

Test of Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine

Pretty recently, we got ourselves some castle doctrine and stand your ground here in Pennsylvania too. The Allentown Morning Call is reporting on a story that presents a test of the new law. Prosecutors said even if the law hadn’t changed, they probably still would have declined to prosecute. What tends to steady a prosecutors … Continue reading “Test of Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine”

Shooting by Florida CHL Holder

Our opponents are all over this story from Florida, where a white captain of a neighborhood watch got into a tussle with a black teenage male, and through circumstances that have not yet come to light, and are still being investigated by police, he ended up shooting and killing the 17 year old, who was unarmed. … Continue reading “Shooting by Florida CHL Holder”

Grave Bodily Injury or Harm

Thirdpower has a picture of the Vietnam Veteran who was beat within an inch of his life in Philly (Warning, the picture is graphic). The question for those in the City is whether you want to end up like this, or end up flushing your life savings down the toilet fighting the attempted murder charge that’s … Continue reading “Grave Bodily Injury or Harm”