NRA News on the Ung Case

I’ll be appearing on NRA News tonight tomorrow night (Wednesday) during the 9:40 segment to talk about the Gerald Ung case. Sirius 144 for those of you with Satellite Radio.

UPDATE: It’ll be tomorrow night, Wednesday 2/16 at 9:40. Sorry for the confusion… I misread Cam’s e-mail.

12 Responses to “NRA News on the Ung Case”

  1. rkh says:

    Crap. Lousy scheduling. Most of your readers will probably be watching History Channel’s “Top Shot.”

  2. Sebastian says:

    You can always catch it in the show archives. I’ll probably grab it myself and put it up here.

  3. PT says:

    Ooooh, moving onto the big time now….

  4. Sebastian says:

    I’ve been on Cam’s show before, but it’s been a while.

  5. Dannytheman says:

    I will be watching, do us proud!!

  6. Sebastian says:

    Just be sure to watch tomorrow… I fucked up the time because I didn’t read Cam’s e-mail carefully.

    And here I was starting my second rye, neat, to loosen my tongue a bit. I had a big client presentation today, so going on tomorrow is kind of a relief. Today was very stressful otherwise.

  7. Adam Z says:

    Nice Sebastian…look forward to hearing you on Cam!

  8. John says:

    That’s awesome! I’ll catch ya on the podcast.

  9. Frank S. says:

    Just listened to the segment. Toggling back a forth between NRAnews & Sons of Guns, very well done.

  10. Adam Z says:

    Heard you on Cam and continue to listen to his show. Great job!

  11. Sebastian says:

    Bah… I babble.

  12. Dannytheman says:

    I enjoyed this! The Law and Order comment, Warning shot, all very good! My hope is the Mr.Ung claims bankruptcy and gets to erase his law school student loans.
    I can’t imagine he has any money to get. But I guess they could garnish future wages.