12 thoughts on “NRA News on the Ung Case”

  1. Crap. Lousy scheduling. Most of your readers will probably be watching History Channel’s “Top Shot.”

  2. Just be sure to watch tomorrow… I fucked up the time because I didn’t read Cam’s e-mail carefully.

    And here I was starting my second rye, neat, to loosen my tongue a bit. I had a big client presentation today, so going on tomorrow is kind of a relief. Today was very stressful otherwise.

  3. Just listened to the segment. Toggling back a forth between NRAnews & Sons of Guns, very well done.

  4. I enjoyed this! The Law and Order comment, Warning shot, all very good! My hope is the Mr.Ung claims bankruptcy and gets to erase his law school student loans.
    I can’t imagine he has any money to get. But I guess they could garnish future wages.

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