Weekly Tab Clearing

I meant to do this yesterday, but we were busy making a prime rib dinner for our collective parentage. I figured I’d start doing a tab clearing every weekend, since I let a lot of interesting posts go that I just never get around to making a post about before they get stale. So here we go:

The FBI notes that paying for coffee in cash is a sign of a terrorist. Thirdpower notes that certain books, model rocketry, or interest in paintball are also indicators.

Dr. Helen has now moved over to PJ Media.

Clayton Cramer has an interesting bit on the use of knives in crime.

In Philly, an argument over dog crap results in a shooting. The shooter was an LTC holder. Charges are being files, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t self-defense, as we remember the case of Gerald Ung, which was clearly self-defense, and yet the city prosecuted anyway.

Clayton Cramer notices that an Indian Nation is suing an alcohol company for alcoholism among the tribe, which sounds an awful lot like suing gun manufacturers over high crime.

Larry Keane of NSSF gets an opinion piece printed int he Washington Post regarding the demise of Virginia’s gun rationing scheme.

Robb has a new toy to play with.

Uncle thinks the reason states like Virginia don’t want to pass permit privacy is because the GOP likes to use the database for political purposes. This is probably true. I know the GOP in Pennsylvania would love to get their hands on such a list (because some have asked) but it’s private data here already.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Tab Clearing”

  1. If you dig in all the way on the “FBI cash” thing, it turns out that it’s more like “if the dude coming to the internet cafe ALWAYS pays cash, that’s ONE warning sign”.

    Which is a lot fairer than the initial reaction made it out to be.

    (The document in question isn’t about “Cafes” ala Coffee, it’s about “Internet Cafes” – and our terrorist pals are more likely to not have DSL or Cable and want to use their home connection for their Nefarious Jihadi Website communication, for security reasons.

    So, I’m totally giving the FBI a pass after reading the document they actually produced; it’s sensible and nuanced, unlike the reaction to it.)

    1. Frankly, at this point, I’m not willing to give the Government a pass on anything. I’d rather just remain eternally vigilant, thank you very much!

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