2 out of 3 of Brian Aitken Convictions Squashed

Eugene Volokh mentions the case. Aitken’s convictions for unlicensed transport, and high capacity magazines were reversed. His conviction for having hollow point ammunition was allowed to stand. There’s one crime Brian Aitken is guilty of, and that’s believing when he moved to New Jersey he was still living in America. On the charge of transportation … Continue reading “2 out of 3 of Brian Aitken Convictions Squashed”

Another Daily News Piece on Brian Aitken

This one is very sympathetic. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Governor Christie has the cover necessary to do the right thing. Governors hate this kind of thing, no matter what the issue. You don’t want to pardon a guy then have some 14 year old girl come out two weeks later and say … Continue reading “Another Daily News Piece on Brian Aitken”

Governor Christie on Brian Aitken

There’s been a lot of news in the Brian Aitken case lately. First there was a rally planned, then there wasn’t a rally planned. Then people started speculating what was up. I’ve been trying to get information on what’s going on. People are being very tight lipped, but there are many people working to get … Continue reading “Governor Christie on Brian Aitken”

Surprising Daily News Coverage of Brian Aitken

I’ve never seen the Philadelphia media cover a railroaded gun owner so favorably. Fortunately, the Judge who railroaded Aitken was dismissed by the Christie Administration, but the right thing for Christie to do here is to pardon him. I’m relatively appalled the jury, who clearly wanted to find this guy innocent, didn’t just do so, … Continue reading “Surprising Daily News Coverage of Brian Aitken”

Bryan Miller on Aitken’s Pardon

Bryan Miller, who never met a gun owner he didn’t hate, has this to say about Brian Aitken’s clemency: Bryan Miller, project director for the anti-gun violence group Ceasefire NJ, said only a “tiny majority” of people actually want to loosen the state’s gun laws. He hopes others don’t see the governor’s decision on Aitken … Continue reading “Bryan Miller on Aitken’s Pardon”