8 thoughts on “Pardoning Aitken”

  1. Apparently the Christopher Scott case in Florida is going downhill for the guy if what appeared in the paper is accurate: Expired Arizona CCW, open carry, no LEO ID so not covered by LEOSA and 100 pain killers and other assorted medications on him without prescription.

  2. Pardons are usually 11th hour actions before leaving office. A pardon early in his term is premature and if anything Aitken does wrong after a pardon will be Christie’s fault.

    As much as I want Aitken pardoned I don’t see it happening. His appeal has a higher chance of succeeding without endangering Christie.

  3. I wouldn’t count a pardon out. It is only relatively recently that executives stopped giving pardons during their terms.

  4. Probaly the best Aitken can hope for is a new trial. Christie is a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal — i.e. a tightwad Democrat.

  5. I’m probably optimistic in the hopes that the Tea Party movement can pressure him into it. That would be a tremendous victory in New Jersey for a Republican to feel like he has to do something to appease gun rights advocates.

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