NRA Firearms Law Seminar – Lunch

Our Lunch speaker is Professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame. We eat while he speaks, so I’ll try to fill you in later. Glenn’s presentation is on the Second Amendment as an ordinary part of Constitutional Law. 1:02pm (Bitter’s summary) – Glenn’s speech was largely taken from the foreward to his article, The Second Amendment … Continue reading “NRA Firearms Law Seminar – Lunch”

Being Realistic About Chris Christie on Gun Rights

I’m going to be play some devil’s advocate here: Chris Christie is the most pro-gun governor New Jersey has had for at least 50 years. I say that as someone who is still, tentatively, backing Scott Walker, so this is not driven by some establishment conspiracy to prop Christie up if Bush III falls over, … Continue reading “Being Realistic About Chris Christie on Gun Rights”

Quote of the Day: Shaneen Allen Edition

Fordam law professor Nicholas Johnson challenges Americans over the Right to Keep and Bear Arms: A final question, and this one is not rhetorical: Will the people who invoke the power and rhetoric of civil rights to condemn the disparate treatment of heroin and crack dealers, come to the rescue of a law-abiding Black woman … Continue reading “Quote of the Day: Shaneen Allen Edition”

My Story of How I Became a Gunnie

Jennifer asks: But whether I’ve met you or not, I want to know your story.  The vast majority of my readers are firearms enthusiasts of some stripe.  How did that happen?  How did you become gunnies? I was into shooting, pretty much only air guns and smallbore, from the time I was about 12 and … Continue reading “My Story of How I Became a Gunnie”

New Jersey Laws Hurt Gun Owners

Scott Bach is calling on the New Jersey Statehouse to do something about the state’s laws which entrap honest gun owners. Brian Aitken isn’t the first, not by far. He was just lucky enough to get caught up in the perfect storm. There are a lot of honest citizens walking around New Jersey with felony … Continue reading “New Jersey Laws Hurt Gun Owners”

Chris Christie Does the Right Thing

Brian Aitken’s sentence has been commuted by Governor Christie. He’ll be able to spend Christmas with his family. I believe this means the convictions stand, but those can be challenged on appeal. UPDATE: From Evan Nappen: Today is a great day for Brian Aitken, his family and for gun owners across the nation. This is … Continue reading “Chris Christie Does the Right Thing”

How Pro Second Amendment is Chris Christie?

I never had very high expectations from Chris Christie on the gun issue. New Jersey has a one of the lowest rates of gun ownership in the country, and it’s part of both the New York and Philadelphia media markets, neither of which are known for gun friendliness. But the recent Brian Atkins case has … Continue reading “How Pro Second Amendment is Chris Christie?”

Sometimes You Need to be Reminded Why Social Media Sucks

Somehow my post about FedEx refusing to ship Cody Wilson’s CNC mill has generated far more Facebook drama than I’m used to. I don’t honestly do much to cultivate my Facebook presence, because for the most part I hate Facebook. First, Facebook’s late policy of charging me money to access the audience I worked to … Continue reading “Sometimes You Need to be Reminded Why Social Media Sucks”