How Brian Aitkens Got Railroaded

This is pretty standard for how the State of New Jersey treats gun owners. There’s clubs over in New Jersey that run a lot of good matches, but I won’t go to any of them because of this. I’ve asked people who are lawyers what they thought of a PA resident attending matches in New Jersey and I was basically told it’s a serious risk, and I’d have to decide for myself whether it’s worth it.

I do hope Chris Christie gives this guy a pardon. He deserves it. I’m happy to see Christie already ousted the judge responsible for this case.

7 thoughts on “How Brian Aitkens Got Railroaded”

  1. See, this is part and parcel of why I dislike NJ, and why I try to purchase nothing there but gasoline.

  2. I was called to Jury Duty once in NJ – and immediately kicked off the Jury by the plaintiff’s lawyer. I’m guessing the state’s prosecutor had every gun owner and veteran booted off the jury before the trial started. That way, they could work with a jury who had no idea of the law.

    If I, or somebody like me had been on the jury, a hung jury would be the best possible outcome for the state.

  3. This is one of several cases where the judge specifically forbade the Defense from making a certain argument, or from admitting certain evidence–and I don’t see how this can be allowed, and expect Justice to prevail. If an attorney, or the person himself, thinks a claim needs to be made in his defense, it should be made! It should be up to the jury to decide if the claim is relevant or not.

    Otherwise, it’s the judge who creates the defense, not the defense attorney. And that just isn’t right!

  4. Honestly, I have reached the conclusion that America’s justice system is broken.

    I really have no respect for it….

    In this case, I would have blurted out to the jurors regarding the aspects of evidence that were not allowed. As well as the fact that a jury can always vote to not prosecute regardless of anything the judge says.

    Then look at the judge, and say “No disrespect, but this is my life. I’m just an ordinary Joe. And I believe this testimony is relevant to my case your honor. And if you tell the jurors that it is not, and they now upon hearing it, find that it alters their view in anyway. They will know that it is IN FACT relevant to the case.”

  5. Born and raised in Jersey. Lived there for 42 years. One of the reasons I left was the way the gun laws were applied. As written they are bad enough, but the prosecutors and judges seem to have the perception that all gun owners are potential felons waiting to commit a crime.

    I would like to see Christie grant clemency for this poor bastard. He has the skill to explain the lunacy of NJ’s gun laws to the average unenlightened citizen of the formerly great state of New Jersey.

    Good luck to all those who for one reason or another can’t leave NJ.

  6. RKBA = 7 years in prison = Jersey justice.

    Our rights as Americans theoretically trump the arrogant oppression of state politicians, but in practice, they don’t. Why is that? Where is the freedom in the “land of the free”? Answer: It’s locked up in prison in New Jersey.

  7. just goes to show how stupid jurors are in new jersey,do any of them know how to read the constitution and bill of rights,
    a good citizen not convicted of any crimes,not a felon in possesion of a firearm “IS INNOCENT OF A GUN CRIME”WAKE THE HELL UP LIBERAL AMERICA
    “this jury would have found rosa parks guilty and put her in jail,the constitution and bill of rights trumps all federal and state law period…does anyone remember the names of the cops or judge who violated rosa parks rights,,of course not and why would we,a juror only need ask themselves one question,,whos right were being violated by brian aitkin,,answer no ones….judge is an idiot and so is the jury totally un-american

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