Who Was Managing Trump?

Oh yeah, Chris Cox was. Good thing Wayne ran him off! Remember, Trump is a manhattanite that doesn’t understand the issue well and has a set of quirks and biases that are going to be tough to deal with even for an experienced lobbyist.

I’ll grant you that Trump is probably aware the Dems will never accept that deal. But I’m very worried about Trump with ILA transitioning to new leadership.

He’s Not Wrong

Party of Science! At least until the science doesn’t fit with your emotionally driven narrative:

Twitter exploded in rage as all the usual pearl clutchers rushed to condemn him. I am not NGT’s biggest fan since he stopped doing what he was good at (being a science educator) and started doing what he ain’t so good at (being a political pundit). But he’s right here. And no amount of hand wringing and condemnation is going to erase this very fact.

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