AAA Silhouette

Todd Jarrett has made me a better Silhouette shooter.  Tonight was our thursday airgun match.  I started out on chickens, doing about what I normally do, got into pigs, and then noticed I was moving the gun when I pulled the trigger.  I then remembered Todd saying “You have to increase your grip strength by 20%, at least.” so I tightened up on the grip until the gun started shaking.  I backed it off a bit until the excessive movement stopped, and holding a much firmer grip than I was used to, starting knocking down animal after animal.  I kept my game up until my hand got tired, and I started trailing off on the rams.  But damn, I shot a AAA score of 37.  That’s ten whole friggin animals better than I had shot at any previous Thursday airgun matches, and better than I shot at states.  It’s amazing such a simple thing can make such a difference.  Wow!