Brass Flakes You Can Believe In

Michael Bane is reporting that Georgia Arms, who remanufacture military brass, is facing having to shutter its production, and cancel law enforcement orders because of the Obama Administration’s decision to destroy surplus military ammunition components.

That’s right, Barack Obama hates guns and shooting to such a degree that he’s willing to cost the government money, put good people out of work, and inconvenience law enforcement, just to have a chance to piss on gun owners and shooters.  Remember, he supports the Second Amendment!

UPDATE: One other question.  Where is the organiztion that claims to represent hunters and shooters in this matter?  I know NRA is dealing with this, but where’s Ray Schoenke?  You know, the head of American Hunters and Shooters Association who endorsed Obama this election?  Do you endorse this Ray?  Do you endorse creating shortages of ammo for police departments and competitive shooters?

7 thoughts on “Brass Flakes You Can Believe In”

  1. NRA news talked to Georgia Arms last night. Cam said tonight he will ask NRA-ILA about it. (hopefully after gunnuts.)

  2. This news makes me think the CMP sales of surplus arms is also on the administrations hit list.

  3. CMP was shuttered during Clinton. But my understanding is there’s not much government surplus left to sell, and most of CMP’s sales as of late have been reimported from lend-lease countries.

  4. One could very easily argue that one proper and constitutionally-consistent role of government is to facilitate an adequate and affordable supply of arms and ammo to we the people. One could also argue that an executive branch that is actively frustrating these supplies is violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the constitution.

    After all, the constitution provides that a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state.

  5. Yeah CMP was basically killed by Clinton as far as I know. My understanding is that he ordered destroyed untold thousands of M14s, M1 Garands, 1903 Springfields and 1911s at taxpayer expense in a machine they called “Captain Crunch”. A little quick action by congress would have let them sell to the public and actually made money but that juts wouldn’t do.

    In fact they destroyed so many M14s that there is now a continuing shortage of them for military use and we long ago sold the tooling to Taiwan who then prompty sold the tooling to the Chinese, who still manufacture M14s on our tooling.

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