9 thoughts on “4th of July Falling Plates”

  1. Outstanding! (Am I allowed to say that as an Anglican priest? :o)

    And it looks like your club has excellent facilities. Leaps and bounds beyond the rod and gun clubs I grew up around in NW PA.

  2. “I think I may be wanted in the UK for a hate crime now.”

    On the other hand there are about a million people in Northern Ireland who would support your canonization.

    Welcome home, bro. ;-)

    1. “I can see why the Irish might like it as you left off the cross of St. Patrick”

      It wasn’t there until the Act of Union in 1801. With any luck, it won’t be there after Brexit leads to the unintended consequence of, a referendum on the reunification of Ireland to eliminate the EU “hard border” between the Republic and the Six Counties. 26 + 6 = 1.

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