Zeroed In and Ready to Go

Been a while since I was at the range, but I had to go today to make sure the scope on my AR-15 was zeroed in with the ammo I’m using.  I think I have it as zeroed as it’s going to get.  I also just wanted to check out the AK-74, to make sure it’s all happy, which it is.

Other than the fact that once I found my zero, I was shooting like crap, I think I’m ready for GBR.   Joining me will be my scoped AR-15, and the AK-74.  Mr. Glock will be staying home, since I can’t carry it in Nevada, and weight for guns and ammo is now at 40lbs, and I don’t want to go any heavier.

SayUncle tells me this range goes out to 400 yards, and there will be steel plates.  Sounds good to me, but based on how I was shooting today I hope those plates are big.

3 thoughts on “Zeroed In and Ready to Go”

  1. Argh. Wish I could be there. If nothing else, I would make you feel a lot better about your shooting…

  2. I don’t know… I was hitting the 7 and 8 ring more than I like at 100 yards with a 100 yard target today. Of course, I was having to load in one round in the mag at the time, because I was having a lot of FTFs. pound on the forward assist, and it would close, but not because it wanted to.

    One problem with having two ARs, is I thought I had cleaned that one recently, but in reality I had not. I cleaned the other one recently. The grime was caked on pretty bad; it hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. I’m cleaning it up now while Bitter sleeps. She’s exhausted from her event for work. Once she got here, she just went to sleep on the sofa, while I cleaned up the AR.

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