Happy Independence Day

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th. I’m off this week, and enjoying not doing much of anything. Sometimes the best vacation is the staycation. I decided to run a 4th of July falling plate match at the club. Trying to decide whether to paint the plates with patriotic patterns, or paint them with the Union Jack. Shoot all the plates down, for America! For Independence!


5 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day”

  1. Happy Independence Day to you too!

    A tradition I’ve started is reading the Declaration of Independence to my wife and kids. Its such a brilliant document.

    Also, I’m happy that PA finally joined the modern would and lets us buy good fireworks.

    Be safe all!

  2. EIther the Union Jack or solid red, so they can pretend to be shooting at red coats… lol

    1. “Shoot all the plates down, for America!”

      Maybe paint them orange? ;-)

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