What More Do They Want?

New Jersey is already, arguably, number one or two for states with the strictest gun control, and most unfriendly to gun ownership. But that’s not stopping people from asking for more. Note the typical argument: reducing our interests in preserving the 2nd Amendment down to an economic one, pushed by corporations seeking profit, rather than millions of other citizens who value the right and wish to preserve it. It’s also replete with over the top stuff like this: “How could it be that those who represent us in Congress can stand by while our children and grandchildren are sacrificed to the gun lobby?” Give me a break. You know who did something? New Jersey’s legislature. It went farther than Congress in this guy’s wildest dreams. Yet the author admits:

New Jersey averages 280 gun-related homicides, 184 gun-related suicides, 764 nonfatal interpersonal shootings and 599 unintended shootings per year.

Good thing they have all that gun control, or someone might get hurt.

8 thoughts on “What More Do They Want?”

  1. I’ve only found one poll that looked at gun views by state, and it was revealing. I mean … if you ask “do you want stricter gun laws or laws to remain the same” it’s a very different question in NJ or AZ. Interestingly … the people in the strictest states wanted more gun control, the people in the free-est states wanted the same or less.

    Once you buy into the “passing gun restrictions laws” reduces gun violence meme, it becomes an addiction because violence never lessens so clearly you just need more.

    Once you are empowered by gun ownership/legal gun carry you never want to give up the empowerment.

  2. What more do they want? In other words, what is the end goal, what is the final step of the “step in the right direction” mantra?

    I think we can see the policy they want in operation in real life right now, and that is the gun-control policies of New York City. The Gun Control Movement intend to expand that policy State by State, and eventually impose it on any States holding out by Federal Legislation.

    The NYC gun policy effectively makes owning a gun so troublesome in terms of time wasted and money spent to comply with government regulations, that the vast majority give up legal gun ownership. Leaving only the most wealthy and influential citizens with weapons.

    Only 1% of the population of NYC still legally own firearms. As reported in this 2011 NYT story, “The Rich, The Famous, The Armed”…


  3. Dehumanizing Gun Rights supporters is a key part of the Gun Control Movement. It is so much easier to vilify and punish big faceless “corporations” than regular people with real lives.

    I think that depersonalizing factor may be one of the weak links of the Gun Control Movement, most ready for us to break. When you confront the typical soft thinking follower of Gun Control with the actual consequences (felony crimes, years of imprisonment, loss of voting rights) of the laws they uncritically advocate, they get very very squirrelly.

  4. Gun control laws fail because they are an inappropriate technological solution to what is really a people problem. We have some really bad people walking around who should be locked up or dead, but are not, and then bad things happen.

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