Not Dead, Just Too Busy

I am trying to return to our regularly scheduled programming, but it’s not working out. I have been collecting clients over the past year, which is good because it’s how you stay in business in the consulting universe. But at the end of this year they’ve all gotten needy at once, and the blog has to be what pays the price. It’s not so much the writing that takes the time, but following the news. I haven’t been following the news. Bloomberg could be abandoning Everytown and investing in American Outdoor Brands Corporation for all I know.

I think my crazy few weeks is because everyone in the professional world likes to take the last few weeks of the year off, and so deadlines tend to get compressed from Thanksgiving through New Years to accommodate people’s time off. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

6 thoughts on “Not Dead, Just Too Busy”

  1. It’s the holidays. This is what happens. You have a full-time job, maybe more than full-time and you have all this extra stuff because of family and the holidays. For me it’s baking. Lots and lots of holiday baking. And the decorating; our family has three Christmas trees. Because our family has been collecting ornaments for over 100 years and by God we got to put them all up. And home repairs.

    Now they’re saying Putin was directly involved in the election hack of Hillary Clinton’s server. I immediately thought of that scene in V for Vendetta where the media said V is directly responsible for some prior terrorist attack you know it’s made up bullshit propaganda. The United States Government itself has just jumped the shark.

  2. “it’s made up bullshit propaganda.”

    One of the simple life’s greatest luxuries is getting to choose which conspiracy theories to believe.

    1. Consider that roughly half of congress are active supporters of a president-elect who may be an agent of a hostile foreign power, and (like most people here?) appear incapable of believing or acknowledging anything bad about him. To what extent would you brief them, in ways that might expose your most valuable assets and capabilities?

      I can’t understand why the intelligence community even wants Trumpakov to attend daily intelligence briefings.

      I think the gun rights community needs to be reminded that we had two horrible candidates for POTUS, and that one bad one losing didn’t immunize the winner from being as bad or worse, though in different ways. But to listen to gun rights folks, you’d think Trumpakov had already done something for us besides make comforting noises.

      1. As opposed to a President who’s been one for 8 years. But you didn’t recommend that the intelligence community stop briefing him. Or his SecState.

        TDS is a sad thing.

  3. I’ve also ignored the news due to crazy clients, but heard that Trump personally evicted a whole town of Hispanic US Citizens from Texas while backed by a brigade of Second Amendment supporters (“flyover!” “racist!”), enslaved thousands of African Americans and then sexually assaulted their Jewish dogs.

    Sad! What a Nazi!

    The shit I miss when I stop paying attention to the MSM. What would I do without the NY Times and the Washington Post?

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