Weekly Gun News – Edition 45


Another week, another set of tabs. Been getting out and walking a lot. I’m trying to keep it at a mile a day, average. I do notice it brings my BP down for hours afterwards, sometimes rather dramatically. Doctor doubled my originally low-dose of beta blockers, but I’m not convinced it’s doing much of anything. I got the most results from the diuretic. People keep telling me it takes a bit to get the med cocktail right, but I’m not the most patient patient. Anyways, the news:

Another week, another Bloomberg Mayor gets busted in a meth in exchange for sex sting.

Dems see a glimmer of hope for gun control in Hillary. If she wins, it won’t be an endorsement of gun control, but a rejection of Trump. But that won’t be the narrative.

For Dems, gun control no longer a third rail.

Investor Place: “Sturm, Ruger & Company: RGR Stock Is Still a Solid Long-Term Pick.

Gun on campus in Texas: the world won’t end this time either.

Remember, rural white males are the only demographic in this country that it’s still OK to make fun of.

Bloomberg endorses Toomey.

Junk science on gun control. Anytime they won’t share data, that study shouldn’t be paid any attention to.

Pastor wins AR-15 in raffle with intent to destroy it. Except he had another parishioner keep it for him, which is a violation of the Bloomberg backed law they recently passed. We told you that this law was intended to trap innocents, and you didn’t believe us.

Not a surprise: ATF illegally hoarding personal information associated with multiple sales forms.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “People of all races and both genders are taking advantage of loosened gun laws.

Funny how that works: “But fearing more lone-wolf attacks on their soil, Germans are requesting self-defense weapons permits in record high numbers and experts say citizens across every socioeconomic class from ‘workers or professors.’

Mic.com: Selling bullshit propaganda to millennials. They have to lie. If people knew the truth they might start agreeing we have enough laws.

Miguel also digs into some press stories involving and finds there’s often more to it. There almost always is. That’s why I don’t publish this week’s outrages anymore. The press used to at least claim to strive for truth and objectivity. Back then it was fun to go after the media. Now there’s almost no sport in it.

Off Topic:

A review of “Hillbilly Elegy,” a book that explores the state of Hillbilly America (i.e. Trump Country).

A modern day Rorke’s Drift. These guys deserve recognition, and not what they got, which was having their bravery buried to cover up that the British Army dropped in undersupplied soldiers into a no-win situation.

I’d vote for Clint Eastwood for President over either of those two, or Gary Johnson.

SayUncle takes a look at the pros and cons of Trump.

Lessons in unintended consequences of legal arrangements: in China, apparently if you get hit by a car, you better run if you can, because the driver will probably try to hit you again to kill you.

Don’t Tread on Me now officially declared racist by Obama Administration, meaning an employer allowing it to be worn to work could create a hostile work environment liability.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 45”

  1. Bloomberg endorsing Toomey isn’t a surprise. McGinty is going to get creamed and beaten, BADLY, even though it looks as though Hillary is gonna win the Presidency and PA. Likewise as stated in this Weekly News Conglomerate Page, Hillary winning is going to be, more so, Trump losing, not her winning. Bloomberg must sense that Hillary won’t be carrying coattails down ballot. The GOP is still gonna hold the House of Representatives, and most likely as being sensed by Bloomberg and others, the Senate.Bloomberg knows how much of a disaster it would be to endorse a disasterous candidate like McGinty.

    Right now the Senate is 54-46 GOP. It will likely be 52-48 or 51-49 GOP after 2016. Looking at the Nevada 2016 Senate race, the GOP looks like their gonna pick up Harry Reid’s seat, and at best, the Dems are only gonna net the Wisconsin and Illinois Senate seats. Russ Feingold (D-WI) was decent on gun rights in the past, and will likely remain that way. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) are both disasters on gun rights, so it really isn’t a loss there.

    1. Re-ally. I’ve been seeing things that imply a successful Hillary election will devastate the GOP Senate delegation. IF the GOP can retain a majority in the Senate as well as their nigh-unassailable (this decade) House majority, that could forestall a lot of issues.

      OTOH, I doubt the GOP Senate majority will come out and say “we don’t HAVE to have 9 SCOTUS judges; lets just let it contract to 7.”

  2. If you enjoy making fun of rural white males, drop everything and go see “Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4196832/

    Synopsis from IMDB: “If there’s one thing that the men of Rockford Texas love as much as their women, it’s their guns. But when a gun incident at a neighborhood school spurs one stay at home mom, Jenna (Andrea Anders), to rethink Rockford’s obsessive gun culture, life in this idyllic town is turned upside-down. Much to the chagrin of her husband, (Matt Passmore), Jenna ignites a movement by recruiting the women to withhold sex from the men until every gun in Rockford is vanquished. A wild and hilarious showdown ensues between the sexes. As tensions and libidos rise, the men and women of Rockford must decide what’s really important: keeping the peace or getting a piece.”

    1. That’s just a ripoff of Lysistrata, except they are setting it in Texas and substituting guns for the Peloponnesian War. That you didn’t get that simply reinforces the inbred yokel stereotype.

    2. How about the men get younger, better looking mistresses until their fat old wives stop the crazy?

    3. Isn’t Eddie Eagle a copyrighted or trademarked name?
      If they are using it without the NRA’s consent, which I assume is the case, why aren’t they suing them yet?

  3. This is completely off-topic, but it comes from looking at the horrors described in the article about Chinese incentives for running people over again and again.

    One of the bait-click links (that, in full disclosure, I didn’t follow) offered 20 horrible photos of the Vietnam War…and a random thought occurred to me: we’re *always* bombarded by horrible things Americans did in that war. I do not recall ever seeing photos or descriptions of what horrible things happened to Americans, or what horrible things that the North Vietnamese did to South Vietnamese.

    To be sure, one reason is simply one of access: our reporters are going to be behind American lines, and not enemy lines. But I’m also sure that the narrative “the Vietnam War is evil, and Americans are evil, so we need to show Americans and the world just how evil they are” played an important part in it as well.

    I’m sure that this can somehow be brought back to on-topic, but I’m going to leave that as an exercise to the reader…

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