Weekly News Links – Edition 26


We’re busy hosting Bitter’s mom this week, so I’ve taken a few days off and have dusted off “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” so we don’t have to go out all the time. Made a pretty good gratin potatoes with onions and sausage for lunch today. Tonight I’m going German and making a beer braised wurst platter with home made soft pretzels and store bought but doctored sauerkraut. But let’s see if I can get some gun news out the door before I have to start making the dough:

Irish democracy: Joe Huffman notes that I-594, the Washington State referendum-now-law that bans all private transfers, except in limited circumstances, is pretty much just being ignored. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we do in Pennsylvania too (though our ban is just on handguns and LTC holders are excepted for loans. WA has it worse.)

#FloridaMan: We must take action now to ban assault alligators, or at least limit tooth capacity.

Dave Kopel has a breakdown of the Virginia McAuliffe Deal. I think he’s wrong about possession though for DVROs. That’s 18 USC 922(g)(8), which bars possession. I believe indictments bar purchase but not possession, but not DVROs.

Gun Sales: Tam notes that she’s seeing a lot of old people, especially women, buying guns. Single stack nines seem to be the gun of choice. Given that old white women are the gun control folks key support demographic, this probably won’t end well for them.

Glenn Reynolds notes NRA is planning to spend significantly more in the 2016 race than they have in the past, noting that it was the Dems that wanted to make this election about gun control. Glenn also has a new paper out on the 2nd Amendment.

Everytown is doing a lot of hiring. That’s a hell of a lot of staffing up. This kind of thing is only possible because Bloomberg is infusing tons of cash into the group. The Brady Campaign would go bankrupt quickly if they did this kind of hiring, and that was true even before Bloomberg sucked all their oxygen away.

Shameless Bloomberg’s Sham Studies.

Looks like George Soros has been playing both sides of the gun issue.

Yes, mass shooters do look for gun free zones.

Off Topic:

This sounds about right to me: Ted Cruz needs to realize he’s velcro.

Follow up on GOP and Religion. Or pre-follow rather. This predates my post: “The establishment wing of the Republican Party has a religion problem. It’s not that the candidates it prefers are insufficiently religious – it’s that their professions of piety and faith aren’t working anymore, and nobody’s sure what to do about it.

Nothing like using a little blackmail to gin up support in the media.

Yes, next question: Have Republican overestimated the conservatism of their base?

5 thoughts on “Weekly News Links – Edition 26”

  1. What can we do to help older folks who want to carry?

    The slide on a Sig P238 makes my mother smile; the slide on a Glock 43/26 makes her groan. That’s something we need to remember as our tent grows bigger.

    The gun community really needs to embrace the .380 as an acceptable defense round. We need to stop trashing it online as woefully under powered. Newbies read that like it’s coming from the Ministry of Truth, instead of a bunch of us nerds playing “Your Round Sucks” again on a boring day. :)

    No, it’s not a 9/40/45 and will never be. But it beats the heck out of not carrying because your arthritic hand doesn’t play nice with the 9mm mouse gun everyone told you was “the minimum you need to carry”.

    I tend to carry whatever the hell fits that day, and on some days it’s a .380. I have no concerns about it whatsoever. It’s not the weakling we make it out to be – I’ve actually used one to drop a 350 pound hog at close range. Good enough for me, especially if I have six more after the first.

    1. As the old saying goes, Any gun is better than no gun. If the little old lady thinks the .380 fits her just fine, that is what she should carry. My primary is either one of my 1911s or my XD. both in .45ACP. I just bought a Sig P238 EQ as a BUG. I suspect at times when required it might turn out to be the only thing handy. After all, Any gun is better than no gun. Personally, I would prefer a .22 over a .25 auto.

  2. I once had one petite, older, woman with arthritis as a student. She was a judge and some of her “customers” were less than pleased with the “service” she provided. She really needed to carry a gun but anything more than a .22 was beyond her capability. So… a .22 it is.

    Multiple head and neck shots with a .22 are going to far more effective than pepper spray and/or physical resistance which were the other options available to her.

  3. … So apparently I carry an old lady gun.
    Seriously though, those little 9s do a number on my wrists. It’s hard to motivate yourself to get enough training with them even without having to deal with arthritis pain.

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