6 thoughts on “50% more pew pew”

  1. Uh, I thought Glock 17 magazines held 17 rounds. Glock 19 mags hold 15 rounds, and Glock 23 mags 13 rounds.


  2. I believe Ian lives in NJ. Capacity is limited to 15 rounds. Most readily available reduced capacity magazines for handguns are 10 round, i.e., New York, Cali, etc. Ian’s new mags get him to the legal NJ limit of 15.

  3. These are OEM 15 round magazines for the Glock 17 – no typo. I just loaded the two I got up. They’re double-stack, witness holes to 15 rounds, G-lock trademark, and presumably a really thick baseplate. Though I haven’t disassembled one.

    NJ’s magazine limit has been 15 for a long time, but since the old AWB limit and most other state AWB limits is 10, that was what I could get for the G17. Evidently now that CO went to 15 rounds, Glock has decided to do runs of 15-round magazines for the 17.

    I happened to be browsing the new gun case and noticed that they had tagged a gen 4 G17 with “15 round magazine,” which piqued my interest. The tag turned out to be accurate upon inspection, I asked if they could order, and the rest proceeded.

    The title of the post refers to the upgrade from 10 rounds to 15 per mag.

    1. Ah, of course. I missed your name and assumed Sebastian had written the post.

      Do you know if New Jersey grandfathered +15 mags when they banned them?

      Californians are due to lose all their grandfathered magazines on July 2017, due to new law passed this year.

      1. As far as I know, there was no magazine grandfathering. I didn’t come to NJ until after the ban passed, though.

  4. Sigh. Because the extra two rounds would have been totally unreasonable.

    Well done Colorado.

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