Philadelphia Gun Show

Went to the gun show today at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory.  Got there an hour before closing, and things were pretty well picked over.  Was looking for someone selling .308 ammunition, but there was none to be had.  The ammo dealers were picked to the bone.  Found one guy selling CCI .22LR Standard Velocity for $27 bucks a brick.  That’s 8 bucks cheaper than Midway right now, so I bought 1000 rounds.

Crowd was pretty good for getting close to closing on a Sunday.  Not much in the way of AR-15s that weren’t 1400 bucks and up.  Lots of Mosin-Nagants left over at the end of the show.  One thing is magazine prices don’t seem to be spiking too much in price.  I didn’t notice any shortage of those at the show, at least there were plenty of AK and AR magazines left toward the end.  Magazine prices never spiked very much during the assault weapons ban, because supplies were never really short, except for a few brands (15 round Glock 19 magazines being among them).

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  1. I missed the show today – had to help cook for the family gathering while we all were watching the Eagles lose to the Cardinals. Did you see much of any reasonably-priced SKS or AK rifles there, Sebastian?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to recall the prices for high capacity Ruger 10/22 magazines and folding stocks going up sharply after Clinton signed the assault weapons ban bill into law, even in catalog’s such as Cheaper Than Dirt and The Sportsman’s Guide.

    I’m also wondering if I should buy some steel 40-round AK magazines sooner rather than later – these Chinese and Romanian 75-round drums all seem far too overpriced now.

  2. I suspect, when no AWB gets passed any time soon prices will drop again.

    And yes, the price for 10/22 banana mags was exorbitant during the ban as were 13 and 15 round Glocl magazines. I paid $60 for a pre ban 13 round Glock 23 mag.

    What a sucker. At least I sold it, along with the Glock, before the ban expired.

  3. Not sure if you have any Bass Pro Shop’s where you’re at, but I hit up the one here in town yesterday and was actually surprised that they actually had quite a few good deals on ammo.

  4. I bought gobs of AR-15, 10/22, and M1A magazines before the AWB–and while the prices went up a bit, there wasn’t enough demand for me to actually sell more than a handful of those magazines. I’ve still got quite a collection of them, partly because almost no one I know owns AR-15s or M1As, even here in Idaho.

    I do have someone trying to buy my AR-15 SP1 for $1000, which doesn’t seem like a bad price.

  5. That’s not a bad price. I’m seeing no-ban ARs go for 1600 these days. That’s about the price of the pre-ban models before the ban expired. It’s crazy. The only thing that can be had for reasonable prices are the pre-ban configured models.

    An awful lot of people seem to be willing to gamble this AWB will be the same as the last one. I don’t think so, unfortunately.

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