Today I learned

That the Friendly Local Gun Store near me can order 15 round Glock 17 magazines. They had one in their new Gen4 G17, too; I saw the silly thing – dual stack, witness holes labeled to 15, same height as the 10-round magazine in the Gen3 next to it (and they interchanged), and it said 9mm on the top. Now why in the world would someone make such a thing? I can’t imagine the NJ market for Glock 17 magazines is worth that much effort. I just checked, Glock’s website says that 10-round magazines and 33-round magazines are an option. No 15 round. Unless it’s a “secret” option.

I guess I’ll see what Fedex drags in when I get a chance to pick the ones I had them order up. (The receipt says Glock 17 15 round magazines, so they didn’t mis-hear G19 or something)

19 Responses to “Today I learned”

  1. Carl from Chicago says:

    Is it orderable from Glock or elsewhere? It is easy to place a block or spacer at bottom of spring so it will bottom out at 15. Lots of folks are futzing around making reduced capacity mags for folks who remain in gun control states.

  2. MattCFII says:

    Colorado would be the other place that has a 15 round limit I believe.

    • Stephen says:

      Yes we are … dammit!

    • Ian Argent says:

      Well, that might explain why the Gen4 can be had with one, then. NJ’s market may be small, but CO is maybe not so much.

      CO’s loss is my gain.

      • Weer'd Beard says:

        Say Uncle recently ordered a bunch of M&P nags for cheap only to find they were 15 round limited mags, so Smith does it too.

        • Ian Argent says:

          I thought it was Colts that used horses in their logos, not S&W :)

          Wonder why Glock doesn’t list it as an optional capacity on their website, then.

        • SPQR says:

          The M&P 15 round magazines were difficult to find last year, which is why I bought a Gen4 G19 to never ending ridicule …

          • Tam says:

            A Glock 19 is probably the safest bet there is in a pistol purchase. Anybody ridiculing it can be safely ignored.

            • Ian Argent says:

              You will always be able to find accessories for a G19; that’s for sure.

    • Richard says:

      The actual law in CO bans any mag that can be converted to more than 15 rounds which is any mag with a removable floor plate. They have said they won’t enforce it unless it has actually been converted. Believe that if you wish. See article about MA AW ban.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    I had the STRONG impression it was OEM. I don’t recall seeing the logo, but I don’t recall not seeing the logo, either.
    It was not a blocked 17-round magazine, that was obvious from the witness holes.

    A short search on the internet comes up with a lot of people asking around for such a thing, with the suggestion to block a 17-round magazine. Of course, you have to be out of state to do such a thing; otherwise you start off possessing an illegal magazine

    • HappyWarrior6 says:

      My first thought is its not OEM. If it is, then wow. More mag capacity help for the “police states.”

      • Ian Argent says:

        See above. I’d forgotten CO now had a 15-round limit. That might make it worthwhile for Glock to do a short run of 15 round magazines every so often.

  4. ARL says:

    They’re legit OEM models, I saw a pic of one that someone posted on awhile back.

  5. Carl from Chicago says:

    On one hand, there must be a market for limited capacity mags, but on the other hand, I strongly suspect that compliance is low. I can’t be that unique, odd, or cavalier, and when I lived in Chicago/Cook county I didn’t comply with the mag capacity ordinances. I guess had it been state law I may have reconsidered.

    • Ian Argent says:

      Since one of the places I shoot is a police range, and the ROs are off duty county cops…

      Also, it’s a statewide ban, and long-standing; and, quite frankly, the difference between 17 and 15 rounds is the difference between a G17 and a G19 on the other side of the Delaware. And th eG19 is the more popular model…

      • Will says:


        why not just cut the grip down to the G19 size? In case, some day, you need to conceal it. Yeah, when cows fly…

        • Ian Argent says:

          It’s a 17L – even if I did cut the grips down, I’d have some difficulty concealing. Plus, the only thing I use a dremel on is 40K miniatures and house repairs.

          At any rate, I find the 19 grip length a tad short. If I ever get a 19, I’d get the extended base plates for the magazines. As I might if I move to PA or someplace else less restrictive than NJ.

  6. Lloyd says:

    We’re limited to 15 in Chicago and Cook Co. too. Anyone know somewhere to order them online?