The Big Contradiction

Cam Edwards latest column:

Have you noticed the cognitive dissonance that many supporters of “common-sense” gun control have been exhibiting as of late? I’m not sure it’s possible to support more gun-control laws and oppose “mass incarceration” or “excessive policing” policies. How can someone argue that young men of color are overpoliced, while at the same time calling for more non-violent-offender gun laws to be placed on the books?

Cam goes on to ponder why the media was quick to jump on NRA’s lack of commentary, then cautious commentary on the Castile shooting, but isn’t asking Bloomberg about his “stop and frisk” policies that he promoted as mayor, which even he conceded disproportionally jailed minorities for non-violent offenses.

9 thoughts on “The Big Contradiction”

  1. It’s because those people don’t associate gun control with crime creation. The anti-gun movement does a good job of hiding it, and the sycophants go right along. How many times have we heard Obama, or anyone supporting gun control talk about the punishments they want to impose? It’s like they think it’s magic. Pass this law and *poof* there will be more background checks. “Common sense”. We never hear Obama say, “it’s common sense to throw people in jail for letting a friend handle their firearm.” They never say that because then it wouldn’t sound like common sense even to the uninformed.

    That’s why I like to stress how gun control is crime creation.

    1. You’ve got it backwards. It’s because they truly think that if you just create laws, no one will engage in the behavior that is being outlawed. These are the same people who smoke copious amounts of illegal narcotics. The cognitive dissonance goes deep.

  2. They are assuming that there will be voluntary compliance. After all, none of their friends have guns or want guns anyway.

  3. They, them, those folks are programmed to think that calling for more and more laws fixes problems and that no thought need be made about consequences, intended or unintended. There is NO cognitive dissonance present.

  4. The political left views new gun laws as being aimed at older white males who tend to be conservative and vote Republican. In other words, they’re aiming these laws at people who they hate and want to hurt, not to “reduce gun violence” – they don’t even expect that, but simply to express their vile animosity towards people who refuse to join in with their leftist groupthink. They don’t care about consequences; they just want to express their hate.

    1. Their marksmanship is not so good, yes? Perhaps this explains their zeal for gun control after all.

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