On The Floor – The Last Pass

Bitter and I decided to take one last tour of the floor today before heading back home.  We talked to Tom Knapp on the way to the exhibit floor.   Pretty cool!  It’s the kind of thing that happens at an NRA convention.

I visited the Styer booth, where they had a few AUGs on display.  I asked the Styer guy if they were building those here now, because new AUGs can only be imported for law enforcement or military use.  He said Styer was considering building a plant in the US to make the AUG, but that they have been concerned about the political situation.   They don’t want to invest in building a factory here only to have the AUG banned at some point in the future, and be out their investment in establishing manufacturing here.  He said that if they make the decision to go ahead with a US factory, which is looking more likely since the political situation seems to be favorable, expect to see a domestic built AUG by next May.  Cool.

I also checked out the SIG 556, which I liked a lot.  I’m disappointed that Robinson Arms didn’t get a booth there, as I’d like to handle an XCR before I decide whether I want to get one.  I liked how the 556 operated though.   It has a very crisp trigger pull.