Double Tap Range Responds, and Gresh Kuntzman is a Liar

Double Tap Shooting Range Responds:

Yesterday the man in this video from the NY Daily News called and asked if he could come and interview us about the basic principles of how an AR-15 works. We acknowledged his offer so that we could prove that an AR-15 is indeed a great and safe weapon as stated in the video. After the video was filmed there was another Q&A type conversation on how things work in other countries, what are some of the things others believe would be a step into the right direction of gun control. To our knowledge we did not know that Mr. Kuntzman would completely turn things around and make our establishment look like one of anti-gun advocates. We have received dozens of phone from all over the country in regards to the article. Many of these callers expressed disgust with the article and told us to stay away from the media. I can assure everyone that we do not support mental health screenings like they do in Europe and we don’t think that government officials should take away guns from people as it was portrayed in the article. Currently we are doing everything we can to take this article down because after reading it we are just as disgusted about it as all of you are. Our team here at Double Tap would like to sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and report that we are doing everything in our power to get this article removed. I implore all of our supporters to share our apology with everyone in-order to help defend ourselves from the media who is doing anything in their power to blemish the face of all gun owners and attempting to add more rule to the fire of the attempt of the liberal gun-grabbing agenda.To those that are writing negative reviews about us, please understand we had no intentions of having this article cause such an issue, nor intentions of us looking like anti gun advocates but, to educate which in turn did the complete opposite due to Mr. Kuntzman. If anyone has anymore questions or concerns please feel free to come in or call us we will gladly discuss this issue with you. And for the record, if you get a bruised shoulder or PTSD from shooting an AR-15 you may be a Katie Couric, liberal with ought testicular fortitude.

Never talk to the media unless they are known friendly. That goes triple for known hostile media like the New York Daily News. In fact, it’s probably a good idea that if the dude is arrives with New York plates it’s going to be a hit piece. Seriously people: don’t talk to the fucking media.

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    1. This is the key.

      Know your talking points forwards, backwards, inside out, and upside down. Know the questions they’re likely to ask. Have your answers prepared. Practice answering “gotcha” questions.

      Then, make sure that you have multiple redundant means of recording the interview: test them ahead of time to make sure that the recordings will be intelligible.

      That way, when you do the interview, and they twist your words in a hit piece you can release the undoctored recording of the interview and give them the Katie Couric treatment. If the VA groups that were interviewed for that project not made that recording, it would have been a major PR victory for the other side. That recording completely discredited the ENTIRE “documentary.” Notice how the left has completely dropped it.

      1. Wrong.

        Let the professional political activists do their job. Want to know why they don’t get taken out of context? Because one of their lawyers, that our donations pays for, is standing right there off camera.


  1. I’m Christian and really trying not to get too angry about this but it happens every week.


    Soviet Pravda waltzes right into friendly territory and guess what, you gave away our position, and now we are taking fire, getting wounded and have to play defense. don’t engage them at all, ever.
    Know it all gun guy is not meant to be disrespectful. I have an embarrassingly low level weapons knowledge and need the professional know it all gun guys to educate me. But please let the professional political activists to do their job. They will ask for help if needed. And the grassroots (that’s me) must to do our job, of getting one person at a time, interested in self defense and getting in the politicians faces. NEVER engage the enemy directly! They are illegitimate! Stay on offense, always! This is not a game. If they get the guns they will kill you and your children as they plunge the rest into a dystopian nightmare.

  2. As a former Medical Examiner, every time the press comes to get a statement they will turn it around to meet the agenda. Once you have been quoted and published, the first “statements” can never be changed. So even if they say they will retract or they even do so it is only in a foot note and not a full blown top of the news admission.

    1. This. Over the course of a career, I interacted with and observed the press hundreds of times. (I didn’t have a choice, as my job demanded it.) Not once during all that period did they get the story entirely right. And while agenda pushing is a bad problem, reporters are also lazy, stupid, ignorant and obsessed with sex, violence, and celebrity. I should note that my career was in finance, not the totally agenda-driven area of gun control. I developed methods to deal with this but they probably wouldn’t work in gun politics.

  3. How did the reporter lie? Watch the vid. Range guys says people should be screened by a doctor before getting a gun

  4. From the two Kuntzman articles it is apparent that the writer went into the story with an agenda. Period.

    Why else couch the opening argument that he went with the intention of learning about “military-style weapons” and their appeal “to gun lovers.”

    From the start, he defined the the rifle as a “military-style weapon” and divided the world into “gun lovers” and everyone else.

    Note to Kuntzman: There are more types of people in the world.

    Note 2 to Kuntzman: Weren’t knives once “military-style weapons”?

    • This is not investigative reporting.
    • This is not bridging a divide nor bringing people together to explore a dialog.
    • This is “proving my point.”
    • This is editorial to support a point of view that was decided long before the story was written.

    I feel badly for Double Tap getting the impression they were used, and the resultant animosity and feelings of betrayal directed toward them.

  5. If you want to talk to them, make sure to have your own audio and video rolling when they show up. At least you’ll have some great footage of irritated prog/lib journalists whining about how they “can’t work under these conditions”.

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