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The Dems decided they needed to strike while the iron was hot, and to capitalize on the raw feelings of the public after the terrorist attack. Politico is reporting the vote could be happening as we speak. It looks like Toomey is floating his own proposal separate from Cornyn, which the NRA is OK with. Keep in mind we haven’t seen any language yet. I’m thinking they believe a big mistake they made after Sandy Hook was taking enough time so that we could actually read the bills and find out we (or rather Senator Toomey) were being hoodwinked.

Both failed in December and are likely to fail again, senators and aides said. Universal background checks also stand no chance of passing the Senate. Conversations between Cornyn and Feinstein on a middle ground broke down on Wednesday after the NRA endorsed Cornyn’s bill, and Democrats loathe the bill written by Toomey that he developed while speaking to Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun-control group led by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I really want to nail Toomey in a primary. I don’t honestly care if it throws the seat to the Dems at this point. Both Casey and Toomey got into office by lying to gun owners, and then screwing us. I’m very interested in how the Junior Senator from Pennsylvania votes. I will also be paying close attention to the bill he wrote with Bloomberg.

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  1. “find out we (or rather Senator Toomey) were being hoodwinked.”

    Toomey was “hoodwinked?”

    A couple of us in PA warned about Toomey when he first ran for the Senate. No one wanted to hear it, because, hey, he was a Republican, and so by definition so much better than his opponent.

    Enjoy, enjoy!

    1. The language of the FOPA safe-travel “enhancement” which actually gutted it, was written by Schumer. I think Toomey really did believe a lot of those amendments helped. But on the Manchin-Toomey bit, that was his own doing.

  2. Even if the Democrats manage to squeeze that crap out of the U.S. Senate, what are the chances it could pass the House? Could it even survive getting out of committee?

  3. That article is very conflicted. Some of it says today, some Monday.

    But good to hear it all will fail.

  4. My son is on that list. He is listed as a suspected terrorist. He was even visited by DHS agents, and his passport was revoked.

    Now, I raised my son better than that, and he is most certainly not a terrorist, so how did he wind up on that list?

    My son is a travelling nurse. He flies all over the world, treating and transporting patients from one place to another. It pays very well. He recently got paid for a 4 day trip, escorting a patient to Australia, and was paid $4000 for 4 days’ work. This week, he is in Milwaukee, and is being paid $12,000 for ten days’ work. In between trips, he works at the local trauma centers, and was one of the nurses on duty this past weekend in the Orlando area.

    Now that you have the background, here is how he wound up on the terror watch list:

    A known terrorist was arrested, trying to enter the country with my son’s passport. Well, not his actual passport, but a forgery with all of his information on it.

    In all of his travels, he once had to go to the Dominican Republic to bring a patient home. While he was there, a government official photocopied the passports of the entire crew: 3 members of the flight crew, a respiratory therapist, and my son. Those photocopies were sold to people who make forged identity papers, and that information was used to create fake papers.

    My son received a visit from DHS, they revoked his passport, and he had to apply for a new one. His name, birth date, and other information is now on the suspected terrorism watch list, because that information is now known to be used by terrorists.

    This proposed law would prevent my son from buying a firearm, even though he has not broken a single law, nor is he likely to.

    1. Wow. If there ever was a good reason to be able to change one’s name, this is it. So even with the NRA suggested way to deal with the terror watch list, your son still likely would be excluded. ID theft that continues to hurt its victim…

    2. Thanks for sharing your story. We need stories like this.

      If what I think may pass does, what he’ll need to do is apply for a UFIN number from NICS. You can find the application here. Once he gets the UFIN number, that will automatically clear him through NICS, even if he’s on the list. It’s the same mechanism they use when there’s name clashes, bad records, or you got convicted of something that was iffy as to whether it was prohibiting.

      But I don’t think you have a whole lot to worry about, because we’re nearing the end of the session and the House won’t likely have time to consider anything the Senate passes.

  5. So based on Divemedics story the bill should be titled ” Identity theft victims are terrorists”

  6. A news report about Obama’s trip to Orlando said the vote was for Monday.

    But it could easily be wrong. Or a dodge and the vote will be done when people aren’t looking.

  7. I’ve asked 2x’s for the Toomey people to take me off their distribution lists (aka tin cup list for cashish), and to no avail. Not one penny from my family in PA is going to Mr. Toomey. Unfortunately, I live in Northern Virginny, all of my POS politicians are gun grabbers from the word go.

    1. Tell me about it. At least there is Chap Peterson (who is a Democrat at that – but sadly not my Senator. I have the vile Janet Howell). The rest are a sorry lot.

  8. Last time I checked, Toomey’s seat was previously held by Arlen Spector (far worse on guns) and Toomey is up a single point in the latest polling against Katie McGinty.

    As ticked as I was about Toomey back during the Manchin Toomey days, I’d say in hingsight things turned out well. For sure, they could have been far worse, and keeping Toomey in the Senate (especially now that no one was able to take him out in a primary) is far far better than allowing Katie McGinty as your next Senator.

    1. I think we’ve lost Toomey. To what degree we don’t know yet. It’ll be good to have him on record. He could end up being worse than Arlen at the end.

      My feeling is if we lose the Senate to the Dems we’re in trouble. The 2018 Senatorial elections look absolutely disastrous for the Dems. If Hillary wins, I think it’ll be an absolute bloodbath for them. The 2020 race looks like nothing would change: it’s all the blue states and red states up with blue and red Senators respectively. I don’t think it looks good for pickups by either party.

      So I’m fine with waiting until 2022 to get Toomey either in a primary, or throw the seat to the Dems in the general. By that time I think the Senate map will be pretty stable, and favor the GOP.

  9. ” keeping Toomey in the Senate (especially now that no one was able to take him out in a primary) is far far better than allowing Katie McGinty as your next Senator.”

    That’s what all the anti-gun Republicans depend on; all they need do is talk 10 percent better than the Democrat, and we’ll not only forgive them, we’ll follow them anywhere.

    Someday gun owners will have to toughen up or it’s all over – if it’s not already. That doesn’t mean voting for the McGintys, it just means stopping the public apologies for the Toomey’s, whatever we individually plan to do in private. At present we are collectively a pretty sorry known quantity.

    1. Well I’d say we have been quite damn successful. I don’t know how you measure success but we’ve killed 100% of the legislative gun-control totals over the last eight to 10 years. I wouldn’t call that a sorry lot. maybe in your mind we should’ve lost all of them. I’m not A fan of Toomey, but his job to get elected. As I pointed out, right now he’s got a one point margin over McGinty. He has to do what he has to do to keep that seat.

      An all or nothing strategy will result in you not owning any guns. Hopefully to me win and we can take him out in 2022 I didn’t follow the primary, did he even have an opponent? what was the result? why were they unable to take him out then ?

      Just a reminder that addition to being the Hillary Clinton gal McGinty was one of Al Gore senior staffers when he was in the U.S. Senate and she is as much responsible for his climate change charade as anyone

  10. Voting on what? What is this, the SAFE Act Part II? The Dems seemed to have smartened up on this. I don’t think anything will pass the Senate that really upsets us. This is an election year, and this is pandering to its finest. Each side will use this to bolster their cause; the Dems will blame the Rs for doing nothing, and the Rs will be able to say – look at the reasonable proposal that we put forth that the crazy Dems thought was not enough. My bet is that nothing passes the Senate at all.

    1. What does worry me, however, is that if the Dems now understand that this has to be done at lightning speed to have any chance to pass, we will be very exposed the next time the Rs lose control of both chambers. Last time, they blew their wad on health care. Next time, they might come for us first.

  11. The big problem for the Democrats is their strategy is falling apart.

    1st there aren’t very many days left. Maybe two weeks realistically between now and Election Day. They are pushing spending bills and after attacking Rs over riders now want their own. That’s just going to give the Rs ammo to load up their own riders on any spending bill in the senate. If I’m McConnell I vote on Republican riders first – WOTUS, climate, Obama care, immigration, planned parenthood, Etc. Then I bring up their bill, and a substitute Republican bill like Cornyns which Dems hate because of the due process provision. Side with Glenn Greenwald ACLU and pick off more of the African American BLM type voters. That may or may not pass Senate but if it’s bad we have the House to kill it. End result we improve chances of keeping a Republican seat (your singing a different tune about Toomey if Hiklary wins and Rs don’t control Senate and she pushes through 3 SCOTUS appointments) and nothing changes (or nothing bad changes). Plus it sounds like whatever Toomey is doing he is doing with the NRA, which I trust to represent us fully here.

    1. Plus it sounds like whatever Toomey is doing he is doing with the NRA, which I trust to represent us fully here.

      What ever gave you that impression?

  12. Just wanted to say that the up to date news you guys has been posting has been incredibly helpful.

    I know how busy you’ve been lately, and how little time you’ve had for blogging, so I really appreciate how you stepped up to cover this for those of us who don’t have time to find info that isn’t propaganda.

    1. A lot of the time it’s not lack of time, but lack of news worth talking about. Blogging is 90% fishing for articles and news worth commenting about. When news is slow, the fishing part takes longer, and if I’m short on time, the blog suffers. Right now, the fishing is good. Cast the line in and pull a big one right out. The writing part I can do pretty quickly.

      Not that I’m EVER going to complain about lack of news again. I jinx things nearly every time I do.

      1. Thank you all none the less. I’m squarely in the middle of a job change after 15 years, and the blog & viewpoints posted have made keeping up with the fast paced action manageable!

        PAGunBlog, insight you can trust!

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