Caleb Gets Himself in the Paper

The Northwest Indiana Times was doing a piece on how dealers are a necessary component of enforcing gun regulations.  Caleb is quoted in it.  Ties back into the media not always being the enemy, but we ought to be skeptical of a reporters intentions, and speak accordingly.

One thought on “Caleb Gets Himself in the Paper”

  1. I would suggest a better wording as “approach with caution.” Just like any other person who might not feel the same way about guns, approach with a reasonable amount of caution so as not to turn them off of the issue if they aren’t already on your side. One should always be on their best behavior and not say stupid things around new shooters or people who we’re trying to bring into the sports, and the same should apply to reporters. I would say that the only difference between the two is that one will write about any stupid comments in the newspaper, but with citizen publishing all the rage, chances are that even a regular newbie will write and tell a mass audience about what a douche you’re being if you’re not acting properly, too. Ultimately: Don’t be an asshole.

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