How To Use Your Billions to Win

I keep saying that our opponents are not against money in politics, they are just against your money in politics. To that end, Bloomberg has bought up all the free add space in the Las Vegas market from September up to October and through the election:

This effectively prevents our side from being heard on Nevada’s Question 1. Bloomberg is using his billions to silence your voices. Our voices. We’re only going to win this with grassroots, folks. We simply do not have the money to play this game at Bloomberg’s level. We have to beat him with people on the ground. If we don’t, he’s going to come back again, and again, and again, and keep playing this game until we lose half a dozen more states like California, New York, and New Jersey are lost.

So what can you do if you’re a Nevada, or even I dare say a California gun owner?

  • Talk to people and make sure they understand this has nothing to do with background checks. They want the registry they can get out of all that 4473 data.
  • Make sure they know Bloomberg’s proposal means even temporary transfers are unlawful. It’s literally illegal to hand a friend a gun except under limited exception.
  • The proposed law is entirely unenforceable and will only result in widespread lawlessness.
  • Criminals have no trouble getting around background checks. California has all the laws these people want and more, and their violent crime rate is still higher than Nevada’s.

Also, make sure people know this is Mike Bloomberg meddling in their affairs. This is no grassroots movement of people. It’s a carefully crafted illusion that you can buy if you have enough money like he does. The entire gun control movement is funded by one megalomaniacal rich billionaire who can’t mind his own damned business. If they don’t believe that, then why won’t Everytown reveal what percentage of their funding comes from Mike Bloomberg.

10 thoughts on “How To Use Your Billions to Win”

  1. NSSF needs to make it known that the SHOT Show will NEVER be in Las Vegas again if this passes. It brings millions to Las Vegas every January.

  2. So, where are our billionaires? NPR won’t shut up about what libertarian Satans the Kochs are, so where are they on this?

    1. Guns aren’t their issue. This is really a case where the people stand united against an elite that is either united against them or very indifferent.

      1. Can someone get to them on this issue to get the dollars flowing? I mean really, Bloomberg has many pet causes that are decidedly authoritarian in nature besides gun control. I wouldn’t think it takes much convincing to line up a few pro-rights billionaires on our side of this issue.

  3. Voters need to be told about the 18-20 (i.e. under 21) year old handgun ban “built-into” all of Bloomberg’s universal background check proposals.

    We are spreading the word on this in Maine and it has the proponents totally “flumoxed”.

  4. Bloomberg and Soros are committed to bringing billions of dollars to buy up air time, Sue gun activists into submission and to use the justice department to name the gun lobby under RICO PROVISIONS. As we speak they are compliling names to excel their next step to fundamentally transform America.

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