Huffpo: Bloomberg Winning

Remember, they don’t hate money in politics, they just hate your money in politics. The number of lefties who cheer on Bloomberg and Watts four outspending NRA this election cycle astounds me. This is only one example; I’ve seen dozens of stories like this. Of course, the article starts out attempting to play down NRA’s real membership, but the fact is that the “gun lobby” raises money in small increments by begging from millions of its members. Bloomberg and Watts outspent NRA by lining up a few rich billionaires. This is everything the left claims is wrong in politics.

I feel bad because my giving is way down because making ends meet is getting tougher. The left claims they are all about looking after people like me. They lie.

3 thoughts on “Huffpo: Bloomberg Winning”

  1. Bloomberg isn’t winning, he just had a victory in the last avenue of enacting any type of gun control that he has been pushed into (mob rule), as he’s been resoundingly defeated in every other one (our republican form of government).

  2. I don’t think he’ll win the ballot fight in every state, but we’ll take some hits for sure. And eventually hopefully these horrible laws will get people to react against them and at the very least fix them to the point we can all live with them without being criminals.

    But I still see the pro-gun movement growing, and I don’t think he can stop that. He may get precedents in place that become acceptable as the status quo (i.e. I’ve never known a time I could order a gun through the mail/internet from anywhere without a background check, so the background check doesn’t bother me for a gun bought from a non-friend) but I think the momentum continues to be on our side.

    1. I live in Pennsylvania, and this spring I mail-ordered a firearm from a corporation in Alabama. The firearm shipped directly to my door without ever involving an FFL on either end (the seller, although engaged in the business of selling firearms, does not have an FFL). No federal or state laws were violated by any of this.

      Having done it at least once, I really see no real reason why the legality of this practice should be anywhere near as narrowly legal as it is.

      For those who haven’t caught on yet, the statute in question is 36 U.S. Code Chapter 407, and the corporation in question is the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

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