EPIX Pulling Fraudulent “Under the Gun?”

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Bearing Arms is reporting the EPIX is showing the video is no longer available. Here’s hoping this isn’t just a technical glitch. Couric earlier expressed “regret” for the editing, but didn’t offer an apology or to make things right by re-editing that segment. That tells me she’s looking to let off some of the pressure on her, which is honestly the time to dump even more on her. No quarter. Sadly Couric doesn’t have much of a career left to destroy, but I don’t see any reason to let off the pressure for her fraud.

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  1. Showing that an outright manipulation of gun owners will hurt isn’t so much about what little career she has left, but really is about highlighting that we can make a loud enough ruckus to make sure she doesn’t go back to work in any high profile role that no up and coming anchors ever want to try the same kind of stunt again.

  2. If you go to the webpage of the movie, there is a lengthy statement from Couric taking responsibility and essentially admitting she was wrong. She reposted a transcript of the actual conversation.

    1. VCDL is not taking it as an acceptable apology or admission of wrongdoing. The transcript leaves out the most relevant parts of the response. From the group’s email:

      On Monday, Katie Couric issued a public apology about her purposely deceptive editing of the answers VCDL members gave to a question about felons and guns.


      You simply cannot make this stuff up.

      On the obscure web page where Katie buries her apology, there is a transcript of the response VCDL’s members gave to katie’s question. The problem is that the transcript stops only about one-quarter of the way into the response, clipping off the most relevant parts of the answer!

      And the transcript stops at a convenient place for Katie, where Patricia Webb has just asked Katie rhetorically, “Tell me one law that has ever stopped a crime from happening.” That sounds like an odd response by itself, but Pat goes on to clarify exactly what she means and it doesn’t help Katie’s case. There are other responses damning to Katie’s position on gun control, too, but none of that made it into the transcript.

      All Katie had to do was put the audio of the full 4-minute response on the apology page, but she knew that people would be less likely to read a transcript than to listen to some audio. And if they did read the transcript, the last thing they read, with Katie’s edit, sounds like the group isn’t firing on all its cylinders.

      If you ignore the twisting of gun-owner’s words by taking a comment out of context, KATIE STILL DOES NOT SAY SHE WILL FIX THE FILM! Instead somebody watching the film on cable will have no idea that there is an “apology” buried on the film’s website for the unethical liberties Katie took with the VCDL members’ responses. Unless the actual responses are put back in the footage where she replaced them with silence, years from now, long after the so-called apology website is gone, this gun-control manifesto will be considered the correct version of events.

  3. I wonder how many subscribers EPIX lost over the last week.

    I actually watched it when it premiered (my local provider had it as a freebie for the weekend), I called BS on that scene right when I saw it.

  4. EPIC says that this was moved from open distribution to pay-per-view according to a previously negotiated schedule. That fits the normal pattern for these things: open distribution for a little while followed by on-demand.

    In response to statements otherwise, EPIX says they fully stand behind the movie, Couric and the producers.

  5. Was just rooting around in their website just to see if anybody earnestly reading the site could find Couric’s “Apology” that is hosted there…but it appears the only way to find that URL is to follow the link from a news story quoting it.

    Here’s the interesting morsel (feel free to run with it) They only have one showing listed for the film at a Theater in Connecticut tomorrow at 7pm, but the Theater doesn’t have it listed.

    1. I found out recently that theaters don’t finalize their schedules online until rather late.

      1. I was working at an air base in lovely flyover land. With nothing else to do, I called the local modern big-box stadium theater for listings and was asked, “what do you want to see and when?”

        Apparently on less-crowded days they will take requests. They set up a screening of BatFleck v EmoMan* just for me, at the time I requested. I was the only guy in that screening room.

        Looking forward to going back for more work. Maybe I can talk them into some old Godzilla flicks. Or the original Ghostbusters. Or Stripes. Hell yeah…Bill Murray fanfest!

        * Yeah, the movie sucked. Stripes had more patriotic virtues than the latest so-called Superman flick.

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